Is it possible to record a meeting on PC secretly? The answer to this question is yes. It is a complicated process; still it is possible to record any type of online meeting on your PC without letting the organizer know about the recording. It is a fact that with every difficulty, there is ease; it is relatable situation before the covid-19 pandemic, life was different and bit difficult for job going persons; people were doing 9 to 12 hours jobs in the office, but during this pandemic, the government announced to do work from home still different companies are following that rule, people are working from home, attending meetings, giving presentations, sharing documents, discussing projects online. We can say that covid-19 prompted remote work. 


But it isn’t easy to work from home because people face many issues if it isn’t easy to attend meetings peacefully

Everyone has their own reasons for recording meetings. Most people can’t keep the important key points of the meeting in their mind. Same in my case I can’t memories things that are why I love to keep a recording of all meetings to do work perfectly. 

Something we get into terrible situations. Imagine you are at home and attending a meeting and your neighbors suddenly make noise. How will do if you cannot or memories import points of the meeting? Don’t worry; record your meeting with screen recorder for PC and watch during a peaceful time. 

When one of my friends or colleague is not able to attend online meetings, I record meetings and save this file for her to watch and note all important things about the project.

But the heated topic is which tool is good to record meetings secretly. And the solution is an iTop Screen Recorder.

iTop Screen Recorder 

The iTop Screen Recorder is famous for its flexibility and limitless screen recording. The iTop screen recording helps the users to record all kinds of streaming videos on the pc screen, like video calls, movies, online lessons, tutorials, meetings etc. it is a unique screen recorder because its application is best because it supports audio recording with the video recording. It also supports 12 different formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLAC etc. 

One main thing is that the iTop Screen Recorder saves all videos in high quality and has a built-in editing tool. 

Why choose an iTop Screen Recorder to record online meetings?

1.Main interface

For people who are worried about recording online meetings, the iTop is the best option for them because this advanced tool is packed with multiple amazing features. 

  • Easy-to-use tool

iTop Screen Recorder is user-friendly desktop software with a simple interface. This is easy to use tool for recording meetings. 

  • Secretly record meeting

It enables you to record the meeting without permission, even if you are a guest. You can record anything you want without anyone knowing the meeting organizer.

  • Record HD audio and video

You can record video and audio at the same time. It has unique features of noise-reduced audio and high-resolution video. Moreover, it would become possible to watch recorded videos without lagging.

  • Recording flexibly. 

It allows you to record the full desktop screen or even record the parts of it for an online meeting. You could also record and focus on any corner of the meeting.

  • Free of cost 

This tool does not charge you a single dollar for recording meetings. All its amazing features are free. 

  • Unlimited recording 

The iTop allows to recording screen for hours because there is no time limit.

  • Inbuilt editing tool

This fabulous tool comes with an inbuilt free editing tool that makes the editing smooth. 

How to record online meetings ?

You can record online classes and meetings on a PC or laptop by using  iTop Screen Recorder.

  • Go to Google, visit iTop official website, and Download and install the iTop Screen Recorder. Launch it on windows PC.
  • Join the online meeting on any platform
  • After joining a meeting, open the iTop Screen Recorder. 
  • Now, and choose the screen area on which you want to focus. It depends on your full screen or part of the screen.
  • Turn your mic on, turn on the speaker, and turn on the webcam too
  • Now tap on REC to start recording the meeting. When you are done recording, tap on the red button to end the recording.
  • After recording the meeting, you can edit this video. 


It is a fact that it’s hard to memories all discussed points of any meeting. because different participants join meeting and share Their thoughts and multiple points so its hard to note down and memories all points. That’s why people make mistakes and create a mess. The best solution is to smoothly record your meeting with an iTop Screen Recorder.


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