Email communication is nothing new, but it has gained much importance in today’s world! 

We all know email is a significant part of our lives. Businesses rely on email communication rather than social media communications. Emails are used to store confidential data, private information, files, documents, and much more. It is the first thing we check when we wake up, as all our work updates are stored in our inbox. 

This is why hackers target our email data to gain access to sensitive information. So, never take email security for granted! This age of technology has brought several advancements, so hackers have also identified advanced ways to hack your email data. 

Importance of Email Privacy

Emails have made our lives much easier! We cannot rely on social media communications because it is not formal. An abundance of information in your inbox entices hackers to invade your privacy. 

Most companies use emails and consider them the formal channel of communication. Companies have their own email domain which creates a professional space for them. Unfortunately, with so much going on, hackers like distributing malware so they can get access to the system and steal data for their malicious purposes. 

It is not simple as it sounds. Data breaches can cost your organization millions of dollars. Your organization can lose access to its data and private information which can hinder its productivity. There are several reasons that hackers breach data. The most common ones are identity theft and financial cause. 

Tips to Secure Your Email Data 

You can protect your email data by keeping a few simple security measures! 

Don’t Open Attachments

You need to be cautious about downloading or opening the attachments. Email attachments contain viruses that can affect your whole system and you will lose all the confidential data within no time. So, only open the attachments that you receive from people you know and trust. Ensure to scan them before you open them to protect your system.

Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams

Most often employees receive enticing emails that trick them into revealing confidential information. As a result, they end up losing access to their emails. Thousands of phishing scams take place on a daily basis. 

It is recommended not to click on suspicious emails so that you can prevent yourself from data theft. Always verify the email address before you respond. 

Beware of Public Wi-Fi 

Even if you use a public Wi-Fi network, you should be careful. Hackers can easily set up Wi-Fi spots and intercept your network to spread malware. As public Wi-Fi networks are not secure, they can access your business data and your personal information. Within no time, you will lose everything from your social media accounts to your banking information because you wanted to send one email. So, be careful before you commit this mistake again. 

Only use the internet you trust. Check out TV and internet packages and choose a reliable internet provider that can offer a secure connection. For example, HughesNet offers a secure internet connection with good antivirus protection so hackers cannot easily hack your devices. 

Use a Complex Password

Let’s face it – we are tired of using a difficult password because it is difficult to remember! Most of us make the mistake of using easy passwords so we can log in to our inbox easily. This mistake can cost you a lot. 

Never keep an easy password like “ABC123” because the easier your password, the more easily hackers can breach your account. Always use complex passwords with a mixture of letters and symbols. You can use a password manager for this purpose. Lastly, never share your passwords with anyone because if it is about your security, no one can be trusted! 

Two-Factor Authentication 

Today, technologies are advanced and offer several layers of security. However, the onus is on you to use them. It might sound technical but trust us it is not.  

Enable two-factor authentication today if you have not. This is important because if the hacker manages to hack your password this security layer will send a notification to your mobile. In this way, your data will remain safe and you can change your password immediately. Because there is a code sent to you that must be entered to access the inbox. 

If you have not changed your passwords for a longer time, hackers might end up guessing them. But two–factor authentication can save you from losing millions of dollars! 

In Brief

Tons of communications take place over an email! As technology keeps improving, hackers are becoming more skillful, making data security vital. We hope you will be diligent about your email privacy! Your one small mistake can cause your organization financial damage. Improve your security so cybercriminals cannot easily attack your system and spread malware. 


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