A TV. 

More than 27.2 million households in the UK have one. 

In fact, according to Statista, more than 15.6 million of us admit to having at least two.  

You can’t argue with the figures – TVs are a popular feature in UK homes with the average user watching around three hours of television a day. 

Popular? Yes. Useful? Definitely. But attractive? 

A TV is never going to win any style awards…that is, until now. 

Enter the Samsung Frame TV

This smart television has taken the TV world by storm, shaking up the image of the conventional ‘black box’ in the corner and making the TV a design feature to be celebrated.

A technically advanced TV that is also a stunning piece of artwork? This is what your home has been crying out for. 

What is a Samsung Frame TV?

The easiest way to think about a Samsung TV is as a TV that’s not ‘just’ a TV. 

Yes, it offers incredible sound and a great viewing experience but when you’re not indulging in your latest boxset binge, it isn’t an eyesore. 

On or off, the frame TV looks great. Watch as your TV transforms into your favourite family photo or a gallery-worthy art piece.

Designed to be ultra slim and fit virtually flush to the wall, you can customise the bezel with a choice of ‘frames’ (hence the name), which simply click into place with a series of clever magnets. Meaning no matter how often you change your mind – or redecorate – your TV will always look the part.

5 biggest advantages of a Samsung Frame TV 

  1. Customisation 

We spend ages looking for the perfect wallpaper, the right shade of paint, matching carpets, and co-ordinating soft furnishings – yet when it comes to a TV, there’s little choice. 

At a push, you might be able to get a silver or white bezel but there’s no escaping the heavy black screen when it’s not in use. 

Not with a Samsung Frame TV! With these televisions the options are endless – not only can you choose the ‘resting’ image (shown on the screen when the TV is not in use), but you can also pick from an array of frames. Allowing for plenty of design freedom to create the perfect aesthetic for your home. 

  1. Art on demand

The Samsung Frame TV gives you access to hundreds of different images for free. For even more options you can also subscribe to the Art Store for £3.99 per month.

Like the idea of creating a feature wall with your TV but not looking for anything too ‘arty’? Then you’ll be pleased to know you can also upload your own images. Got a favourite family photograph? Frame it, with the Samsung Frame TV. 

  1. Streaming services 

This might be a TV putting an emphasis on style, but rest assured it’s not at the sacrifice of functionality.

With a single click, you can access streaming services, browse the latest releases on Netflix or turn up the volume on your Spotify playlist – you can even connect your TV to Alexa.

The latest Samsung Frame TVs also come with a built-in gaming hub, meaning you can play 1000s of games instantly – you don’t even need a console! 

  1. Apps galore 

With the Samsung Frame TV you’ll have access to a host of apps – supersize your browsing experience and scroll all your favourites.

Easy to install, intuitive and extremely user-friendly, it really does feel like Samsung have thought of everything.  

  1. Exceptional viewing 

Having a dual purpose is all very impressive, but at the end of the day, the thing you want most from your TV is just that – for it to be a good TV.

Offering the best of both worlds is the key feature that sets the Samsung frame apart. Yes, it has a great design and excellent features but fundamentally it’s also just a great TV. 

QLED technology paired with 4K capabilities and ultra-HD resolution deliver captivatingly lifelike images with pinpoint accuracy, exceptional brightness and contrast and, of course, crystal clear audio. 

Buy a Samsung Frame TV

Read enough to recognise that your home NEEDS a Samsung Frame TV? Or keen to find out more about what this television can deliver? Then contact Martin Dawes, home of all things electrical. With hugely competitive prices on all Samsung Frame TVS and a minimum 5-year warranty, why wait? And why compromise? Style up your home and choose a TV that’s every bit as impressive to use as it is to look at.  


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