The roof is one of the most important aspects of a commercial building.

While it’s designed to keep the weather out and maintain a comfortable temperature for employees, it should also provide a degree of protection against fire and structural damage.

We appreciate that nobody wants to climb up onto the roof when it’s pouring down with rain or blowing a gale. However, as an employer, it’s your duty to provide an environment that’s safe for your staff to work in – and that includes having a thorough inspection carried out by commercial roofing contractors.

Why is a commercial roof inspection necessary?

Over time, numerous factors can affect the performance of your commercial roof – ranging from general wear and tear and ageing to temperature changes, exposure to the elements, and poor installation.

Although these issues are often unavoidable, they can alter the appearance of your roof and cause defects, such as cracks or splits on the surface. 

Having a commercial roof inspection will help to determine whether you need a new roof or just a few minor repairs.

Usually, a roof replacement will be required after 10-15 years, depending on its condition.

Commercial roofing contractors can assess the structural integrity of your existing roof and advise you if a replacement is required. If your current roof is damaged beyond repair, they’ll talk you through the options available.

What does a roof inspection entail?

Often, a roofing contractor will begin their inspection inside the building to establish the source of potential leaks or roof splits. This will let them know which areas they need to be careful of when walking on the roof, too. 

They’ll then inspect the rooftop, starting from the perimeter and working their way towards the middle – keeping an eye out for debris, standing water, signs of wear and tear, and even vegetation.

To conclude their inspection, the contractor will provide a detailed report to outline their findings. This will include a description and images of the areas that are saturated and causing leaks, plus recommendations to resolve issues.

What are the benefits of arranging a commercial roof inspection?

By having your roof inspected by commercial roofing contractors, you can trust that issues will be spotted (and fixed) quickly before they escalate into something much more serious. 

Although you might be able to check for cracks and signs of corrosion damage, a professional roofer will be able to inform you when and where cracks are acceptable, how much rust is normal, and when your gutters need unblocking or cleaning. 

Aside from giving you peace of mind, this will also save you money on repairs and replacements further down the line.

Arrange your commercial roof inspection today

If you can’t remember the last time you had your roof inspected by a professional, then we highly recommend you get in touch with commercial roofing contractors. Ideally, a company that has vast knowledge and experience, like the team at Roofing Consultants Group.


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