Learn about a brand new creature introduced on Fortnite where Is Butter Cake in Fortnite by studying this short article.

Are you aware that Fortnite has released its 19.10 updated patch for PS5, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC? What happens is called Butter Cake? Ways to get the Butter Cake? When will the Butter Cake be accessible within the U . s . States and also the Uk?

This write-up brings you all the details about Butter Cake and particularly about Where’s Butter Cake in Fortnite?

The most recent update:

The Fortnite update was launched on 18th The month of january 2022 at 9:00 AM United kingdom GMT. Please be aware that you will see a downtime beginning from 4:00 PM ET, along with a couple of multi-player features might not work with around 30 minutes.

Who’s Butter Cake?

Unlike the name sounds, Butter Cake is really a name provided to a dinosaur. It’s exciting news like a dinosaur which a person can ride. Butter Cake is going to be offered with a normal playing character within the Fortnite.

Let’s check more information on Where’s Butter Cake in Fortnite? The most recent news update about Butter Cake reveales that it’ll be accessible within the Fortnite game from in a few days aside from a couple of players.

But, be careful since you need to battle and defeat Butter Cake first. An innovative name is offered to Butter Cake in Fortnite. The prehistoric behemoth has become common as Klombo. Additionally, it grew to become famous in modern language among Fortnite fans.

Thus, it had been known that Klombo is herbivorous but, it might harm you should you misbehave with him.

What’s the purpose of your pursuit of Where’s Butter Cake in Fortnite:

As the Fortnite team didn’t release info on defeating Klombo, it had been informed the players desire to make friendship by providing Klomberries to Klombo.

Klombo is aggressive and able to fight. Klombo changes its skin colour and it has sharp teeth and 6 legs. Water physiques and grazing land are clues that Klombo could trouble that area. The likelihood of finding Klombo Butter Cake increases such areas.

How to locate Butter Cake?

Using the new updates in Fortnite, a brand new map seemed to be released. Couple of players who understood Where’s Butter Cake in Fortnite could locate Klombo near water physiques with greenery for Klombo to graze. There’s no set location (or) area where Klombo resides (or) could be particularly found.


There’s two big ponds around the new map, and also the water stream stretches out with the map. Presently, there are other likelihood of finding Klombo close to the two ponds. Klombo Butter Cake grew to become common as you might want to defeat it (or) safeguard it using their company players’ attacks to ensure that Klombo will get convinced to create buddies along with you. The options differ, making your pursuit interesting.

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