Optical modulation in photonic circuits is enforced by devices that cause direct changes in optical intensity or cause changes in the refractive index of the fabric which can be modified to an emphasis change via an interferometer or a resonant device. These transceivers are very effective ever since the emergence of optical communications. Optical modulators constitute a multi-disciplinary field in which physics, electric science ,engineering design, fiction processes, and packaging are all of critical importance. Also, you can prefer Clock Oscillators which establish a reference frequency used for timing purposes.

Importance of Optical Modulator 

Optical modulators address an electrical signal on a visual wave, termed the optical runner. Amplitude, phase, frequency, and polarisation of the optical carrier and any combination of the above can be exploited for encoding the information. Modulators can be of the integrated or free-space type according to their usage. In the abandoned category, the optical waves are guided modes in a photonic integrated circuit whereas, in the latter, they are free-space propagating flashes.

Principle of Optical modulators of cloud light.

The principle of operation is based on the linear electro-optic effect, also named the Pockets effect. This effect is dependent on the modification of the refractive index of a nonlinear crystal by an electric field in proportion to the required strength and mechanism. It works on the principle of flashing lights to other devices. It will take your signal from low frequencies and will extend to a higher frequency. The idea of flashing light is very simple. 

QFSPTEK overview 

QSFPTEK has been dealing in the production of optical modules for more than 11 years. With its experience and demand, it is growing its name in the market.  In 2019, A new feature was inaugurated by the brand. Ecloudlight was established to transform from an optical module foundry to an independent brand optical module commodity supplier. Ecloudlight doesn’t offer satisfactory products, we give complete qualitative products so that our customers have faith in us. Quality depends upon the raw materials. Once you decrease the quality, the entire name will be destroyed. 

Each component in our brand depends upon the best quality. All the products are made of high-standard raw materials, in line with TUV, RoHS, CE, and FCC standards. Fully examined after assembly to assure rock-solid quality.

Professional Tests 

Professional and skilled workers are employed by the company. The lab scientists first examine all the products before assembling them. With a complete testing process and strict subordination with industry testing standards. The best feature of the brand is that the pursuit of quality is unmatched by other manufacturers.


With the research and lots of scientific methods, optical modulators are an essential part of communication systems. It is largely enacting the attainable transmission rate. Recent advances in materials and fabrication techniques have brought new components and a renewed dynamic to exploration on optical modulation. Motivated by the new openings, this Perspective reviews the state of the art in integrated electro-optic modulators, covering a wide range of contemporary materials and integrated platforms. To learn more about the company you can check the mentioned link and learn more in detail. 


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