A front-end web developer is a software engineer who uses coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring web designs into action. If you visit any website, the navigation, layouts, and how a site appears on your phone or your computer are all examples of the work done by front-end developers.  

These web developers create aesthetically pleasing user interfaces, plan the site’s navigation, accelerate and scale web pages, and create reusable code packages that may be used in several online projects.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in front-end Development, you would be happy to know that Front end developer jobs are some of the most in-demand job roles at this time. And the demand is only going to increase in the coming future. 

But what can you expect from a career in front-end development? Keep reading this article to find out.

What can you expect from a career in front-end development as a beginner?

The career path for front-end web developers may appear difficult and drawn out to newcomers or beginners. However, don’t let rejection deter you as you begin to apply; instead, see it as a chance to learn more and advance your skills!

Making your resume specifically for the employment you want should be the first step in your job search. Include a list of all the specific tools and programming languages you are familiar with, highlight any personal projects and any relevant experience, and emphasise all of your qualifications.

When you’ve secured an interview, make sure that you prepare for both the behavioural and technical parts. Be prepared to code on-demand because employers might give you a whiteboard coding test or a take-home test that uses many programming challenges.

What is the salary that you can expect from a career in front-end development?

Front-end developers are in high demand in today’s world. They are demanded by employers from many different industries such as Finance, Banking, Education, Healthcare, etc. Therefore, a front-end developer can expect to make a very good average salary per year, depending on their position and the market.

In India, a front-end developer makes an average annual pay of ₹ 487,445. The yearly salary of a front-end developer can range from ₹ 194k per annum as the minimum to ₹2-3 Million per annum as the maximum.

What are the roles and responsibilities that you can expect from a career in front-end development?

You can expect to fulfil the following roles and responsibilities when pursuing a career in front-end development:

– Linking user experiences to design preferences.

– Determining the layout and structure of the website or application.

– Check the code for defects and functionality issues by running tests.

– Ensuring responsive and adaptable designs for various platforms, browsers, and  gadgets.

– Using the most recent tools and cutting-edge technology to create websites and applications.

– Maximising the speed and scalability of web pages.

– Adding features to improve user experience


Becoming a full-stack developer is an excellent choice in 2022 as the demand and job opportunities are rapidly growing in this industry!


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