Have you noticed yourself frequently checking the #instagramdown hashtag on Twitter in a vain attempt to discover the cause of your unexpected Instagram likes loss?

The bad news is that, assuming that’s the case, there isn’t anything wrong with Instagram’s servers. It’s possible that the social media platform “shadow-banned” you, which would explain why you’re suddenly losing Instagram followers while consistently gaining new ones every day. Your material won’t appear under the relevant hashtags in the post’s captions due to a shadow ban (or comments section)

Even worse, there is no formal notification when you have been shadow banned, even though the sharp decline in followers should be cause for concern.

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Look up a couple of the hashtags you’ve recently used in your posts to check whether any of your posts appear in the feed for those hashtags. This can help you determine if you’ve been shadow banned or not.

Using a mysterious hashtag could be more straightforward because there won’t be as many postings to sort through. However, to be sure, this should be verified by a different account. 

Posting infrequently

It is normal to witness a decline in likes if you have neglected your Instagram account for some time. Although few people are aware of the specific mechanics of the Instagram algorithm, it is likely to award accounts with infrequent postings less attention.

Like with other social media platforms, posting frequently yields the best outcomes. If your followers often see new material from you, they are more inclined to engage. It’s much better if you can connect with your audience on a personal level by telling them a story.

You don’t utilize your other social media accounts

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Utilize the followers you have across other social networks. According to statistics, many Instagram users are probably also active on other social networks.

The most fantastic technique is consistently maximizing your followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. You may build your following on these sites with reasonably priced likes and followers.

Several users simultaneously exchange content on several networks. Instagram postings include an integrated sharing feature that allows you to submit new content to Facebook or Twitter. It is typical for your likes to decrease if you stop doing this and using your other platforms.

If your Twitter account has thousands of followers, but you aren’t receiving Instagram likes, be sure to share. This allows you to enjoy the online following you’ve already worked hard to build.

You Don’t Accept Captions.

So many individuals post their photos and other visual content online mindlessly. Your recent behavior makes it understandable why your likes have decreased.

A caption provides context for the picture, invites discussion, and may even convey a tale. On Facebook, lengthy postings are standard. Threads make up a significant portion of popular Twitter posts. People want context and knowledge, so if you provide them with more details, they are likelier to like or remark on your article.

Copywriting includes captions. Although it is hard to perfect, you may spot specific trends if you pay attention to some of the top influencers in the world. Influencers and companies have put in a lot of effort to figure out suitable captions.

You Aren’t Making Use of Instagram’s New Features.

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Instagram is now different. One of the more recent additions is Instagram Stories.

You may notify followers of new posts within Stories. They will be able to click a link to view the post, which increases your likelihood of being seen.

Many people pay close attention to the Insta Stories at the top of the feed. These stories don’t have a “like” button and disappear after 24 hours. To promote interaction, you should point your users to longer-lasting content.

Reels is one of the additional content categories on Instagram. Consider every post type as a different feed you may appear on. These are strategies to increase the visibility of your profile and get more followers and likes.

You Don’t Use Hashtags Effectively.

You have the chance to expose your content to more viewers by using hashtags. The declining popularity of your postings may be due to your failure to use the finest hashtags.

Some individuals employ hashtags that are overly ambiguous, unconnected or don’t have enough followers. Find the appropriate level of “niche” and keep your hashtags as relevant as possible. In a sea of postings, overly general tags (such as “#blogger,” for example) are unlikely to get any momentum. Conversely, if you specialize too much, no one will watch. Find hashtags with a reasonable number of users interested in your content but not so numerous that they disappear from the stream immediately.

You haven’t used much imagination in your posts.

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Some of us suffer from lesser engagement and follower losses due to our lack of creativity.

Followers will enjoy it if a fitness influencer or company posts some photographs from the gym. They will become bored if they consistently share the same picture.

Consider the material you’ve shared if you’ve seen a recent decline in the performance of your Instagram posts. Can you think of any fresh post ideas? If your breakfast isn’t intriguing, followers won’t want to see it every morning.

Algorithm alterations

It may be an algorithm adjustment if you see a decline in your Instagram likes but are unsure of the cause.

The platform’s algorithm often fluctuates the most popular Instagram posts and accounts.

The advice for enhancing your account and increasing interaction will remain the same, even if your modifications result from an algorithm adjustment. Continue your efforts to gain more followers and raise the visibility of your posts:

  • posting often
  • Utilize hashtags wisely.
  • Be innovative with your post formats.
  • Engage your audience.


You can try to increase your following once you’ve determined the causes of your likes declining. An Instagram account may be a crucial tool for promoting a business. Time spent on your account isn’t helpful if your audience isn’t active.

The likely offenders are the reasons listed in our post. Get in shape to reverse the decline in engagement and regain your previous luster.


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