If you’re working on a construction site, you need reliable internet connectivity to stay connected with your team, clients, and vendors. But what happens when there’s poor cellular coverage or your construction site is in a remote location? Here are a few things you can do to improve your internet connectivity on a construction site.

Use an Ethernet Extender

An ethernet extender is a great way to ensure your construction site doesn’t experience problems because of a lack of connectivity. As their name implies, ethernet extenders boost the range of an existing ethernet network. Extenders also work like cellular routers, in that they can create a new network in areas without Ethernet infrastructure. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing an ethernet extender for a construction site.

First, the ethernet extender should operate in harsh conditions. Construction sites can be dusty, wet, and hot, so the extender’s design must withstand these conditions. Second, the ethernet extender should have a robust power system. Construction sites often have power outages, so the device should have a backup power system to keep it operational during an outage. Finally, the extender should support a high bandwidth. Construction sites often have large amounts of data traffic, so the extender should easily handle incoming and outgoing data.

Use a Wireless Router

Did you know you can use a wireless router to improve your internet connection? Not just any wireless router will do for industrial settings, though.

While looking for an industrial wireless router, keep a few features in mind. First, you want a router that can handle a lot of traffic, because you’ll have many people using the internet on your construction site. Second, you want a router with a generous range. That way, you can ensure everyone on your construction site gets a strong signal.

Finally, you must ensure your router is rugged and weather-resistant. After all, construction sites can be tough environments. Choosing a router that can stand up to the elements will keep your construction site connected, no matter what.

Set Up a Mesh Network

A mesh network is a computer network in which each node (a computer or another device) is connected to every network node. This topology allows for communication between nodes, even if some are not directly connected to the internet. A mesh network can be useful on a construction site with limited or non-existent internet connectivity.

When setting up a mesh network, there are a few things to consider. For example, the mesh network needs a router compatible with the mesh network protocol. Also, the mesh network needs sufficient access points to cover the desired area. Each node in the network must be configured to use the same wireless SSID and password.

Connect to a Satellite

You can connect to a satellite on a construction site to improve your internet connection using an off-the-shelf satellite antenna, which is more affordable than you may think. You can also find companies that will lease you a dish for a reasonable monthly fee.

You need a clear view of the southern sky to connect to a satellite. The satellite dish will need to be placed on a tripod or other sturdy structure and pointed in the general direction of the satellite. Once the dish is in place, you can connect your router to the dish using an Ethernet cable.

Construction companies are always looking for ways to improve their workflow, and internet connectivity is a valuable tool for businesses working on construction sites. There are several options for getting better internet service on your job site, so explore all your options and choose the solution that best meets your needs.


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