Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes (Sep) What’s New Here? >> The content is one of the new patch note update for that famous game. Book the facts here.

Developers Raven Software confirmed the discharge of Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes, the entire Warzone patch note, and the most important update each week. The patch note is released included in the CoD 1.34 update, which is the most important update that could make time to download.

The patch notes add new weapons, updates, and quality management changes hanging around, Cod: Warzone. The developer has announced the patch notes because the latest update, also it includes attachment updates, dev error fixes, nerf for that August, and much more for that Season 2 Warzone.

Players within the U . s . States are eager to obtain the new patch notes and revel in gaming with new weapons and maps.

What’s Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes?

Warzone Update 1.34 Patch Notes are moving out, and players within the U . s . States are eager to have it to their device to have an enhanced game play experience. It’s the latest update fix with multiple game play optimizations. Besides, the patch note offers to add performance enhancements and stability over the platforms.

The Warzone Update 1.34 Patch Notes are here to repair some common bugs and issues within the game play while adding some maps and weapons in to the game. The MP5 is easily the most lethal weapon within the Black Ops Cold War game play, and also the new update brings the very best perks and attachments for this to help make the ultimate SMG load-out.

Besides, the Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes also bring some bug fixes, August nerf, and much more, which makes it the very best Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update.

What to anticipate within the Update 1.34?

General Fixes – The Dev Error 6634 will get fixed, and you will find subtitles added for Garcia, Beck, and Sim cards.

Game play – The tactical map will get updated, and also the armor span consistently because the ground loot obtainable in all matches. New Bumper ping control plan available

Weapons – Cold War August base recoil fixed, also it unlocks the brand new after-action report.

Attachments – Suppressor muzzle displays properly, and cavalry lancer barrel increases damages on vehicles, ADS firing animation issue on scopes is bound in Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes.

Bug Fixes – Audio-related issues, matchmaking enhancements, frame rate drop issues, freezing issues, network enhancements, stability and gratifaction enhancements, server disconnection fixes, lag issues, and stuttering issues are fixed.

How big the Update

Following the inclusion of recent Operators within the update, the update’s size will probably be less space-consuming than other updates. It’s expected that how big the update would vary from 8GB to 15GB, based upon the woking platform.

The Information

There’s a greater chance that players might find the brand new ZRG 20mm rifle forum within the latest update. The Warzone Arsenal would will also get the Kar98k rifle forum for lengthy-distance snipping following the Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes.

The Discharge Date from the Update

After evaluating, we’ve not found any confirmation concerning the release date, but it’s broadly expected the update would go love players on 31st March 2022 at 11 PM IST or on first April at 7 AM BST.


The Warzone Reloaded Season 2 is originating using the new patch notes to repair many bugs and issues. Aside from fixes, there’s new weapon balancing along with other updates.

The Cod players are eagerly awaiting the update to visit live. Have you got any updates concerning the Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes? Please tell your readers within the comment section.


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