Please look at this news report to understand the Verizon Free Message Scam, a current spamming make an effort to you, and techniques to avert such fraudulence.

In the current occasions, digitization keeps growing fast, and smartphones along with other electronic systems make our way of life quite simple. But, combined with the many advantages, comes the issue of security. Conmen constantly innovate new techniques to trick mobile users, and lots of people also fall prey.

In the current report, we’ve covered another scamming attempt that’s the Verizon Free Message Scam. Verizon along with other telecom users in the U . s . States should be aware this incident to prevent offering their private data.

How Dangerous are Scam Messages?

Scam texts can handle causing much harm to your smartphone. These texts are mainly that come with a hyperlink, as well as their messages are decorated so the users are vulnerable to open that URL. On clicking the hyperlinks, you are redirected to some phishing website, in which private information like the users’ card details could be hacked. Frequently, the hyperlinks could be encrypted having a virus, which could damage your smartphone’s operation system.

What’s Verizon Free Message Scam?

Lately, you of Verizon, a number one American telecom company, have been getting messages on their own phones claiming to give them a break using a link. The messages apologize for that inconvenience caused towards the users throughout the pandemic and therefore are supplying you with a few paying amount. Based on the messages, you must click on the URL to obtain the reward. Many Verizon users have obtained these doubtful messages and also have elevated concerns regarding security.

Opening the hyperlinks on these messages may cause the hacking from the private information from the users similar to their CVV number or contact details. An encoded virus within the Verizon Free Message Scam might also hinder the significant of applications on their own phones. Aside from Verizon, users of other providers like AT&T and Hulu have were not impressed with receiving similar messages with attractive gifts.

How to prevent Being Victimized to Scam Texts?

Please keep your following stages in mind to safeguard your tool and personal data from malicious texts.

Always save the figures of the acquaintances to be able to easily identify unknown contacts.

You have to treat all messages which are connected with cash prizes or any other rewards with utmost caution. Nowadays, these kinds of texts should trick users.

Never open the hyperlinks of Verizon Free Message Scam or any other dubious texts.

Many messages asks for the card details a treadmill Time Passwords as replies. Never provide similarly info towards the senders.

Whenever you receive such junk e-mail messages, immediately report and block the sender, a center all smartphones have. In situation you’re not able to bar the sender, speak to your service or device provider. The junk e-mail messages will be instantly blocked next time you obtain them.


Mobile users should be very alert nowadays rather than encourage any doubtful calls or messages. When you are aware, we are able to defeat the conmen’s malicious attempts such as the Verizon Free Message Scam. Please read further about blocking junk e-mail messages for safeguarding your tool and vital details. Also, please peruse How You Can Safeguard Yourself Online Scam for more safety.


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