Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam (Aug) Beware And Remain Alert >> Obtain access to crucial details about the scam message circulating online. Please take notice.

A viral link has been delivered to Worldwide recipients, claiming it from Toyota, also it guarantees to provide a Toyota Corolla like a giveaway because of its 80th Anniversary Celebration. It appears suspicious for a lot of reasons, and also the factors are shared below for you personally.

It’s a new online scam circulating over the internet, and lots of individuals have received the scam message on their own phones. The content urges the grateful recipients to follow the link and participate Toyota’s 80 Anniversary Celebration and get the opportunity to win an extravagance Toyota Sedan vehicle.

The Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam message is circulation on WhatsApp messenger Application and targeting lots of people.

What’s Toyota Anniversary Scam?

Toyota 80th Anniversary Message is really a scam, which is the brand new online scam circulation on messenger application, WhatsApp, targeting Worldwide consumers. The scam message has a suspicious link which has gone viral. The hyperlink claims to give the recipient a completely new Toyota Corolla vehicle like a giveaway because of its 80th Anniversary Celebration.

Recipients are now being alerted with a different funnel concerning the Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam. It’s advised the recipient must ignore this type of scam message rather than click it. The scam would be to extract your vital information, which may be misused later through the scammers.

The content comprises a hyperlink, and recipients need to click it to have fun playing the 80th Anniversary celebration and get the opportunity to win an extravagance Toyota sedan. However, as it is a gimmick and also the link is connected having a Chinese registered domain, people must neglected and alert others concerning the scam.

May be the Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam or Legit?

As pointed out, there are lots of top reasons to contemplate it a brand new online scam and never legit. A few of the factors which make the 80th Anniversary contest scam are pointed out below.

Suspicious Link – The hyperlink employed for the scam message is, also it appears suspicious since it is from the Chinese originated domain and never to Toyota. Besides, the hyperlink isn’t SSL encrypted as it comes down to http and never https. So, the hyperlink isn’t legitimate.

Mismatch Date – The 80th Anniversary of Toyota had been celebrated in 2017 as the organization was commenced on 28th August 1937. So, Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam holds true. There’s a tweet available confirming the 80th Anniversary Celebration on 28th August 2017. The tweet comes from Toyota Motor Crop.

Mistakes on-page – While you click the suspicious link, you receive redirected to some suspicious page where you will notice plenty of grammatical errors, also it doesn’t resemble the authentic website of Toyota. The web site also comprises many suspicious and unreal comments of users with images.

What Individuals Are saying?

After evaluating, recommendations that lots of consumers worldwide have obtained the scam messages, and they’ve shared comments around the scam.

Surveys are saying they have received the content, after clicking, it asks to talk about the content in several five individuals to win the competition.


It’s removed is Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam or legit. Should you receive such messages, kindly ignore them and alert others concerning the scam.

Have you receive this type of scam message? That which was your reaction? Please share it within the comment section.


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