In this highly competitive world, everyone strives for success. To be successful, people have continued to update themselves with new technologies and trends. Preferring new and improved calculation software appears to be suitable for multiple CFAs and businesses to ensure a profitable foundation. While most accounting firms and CFA prefer QuickBooks software for accounting and other tasks, QB Hosted Software has been hit hard in the financial and business world.

But you have to ask yourself why so many companies choose the host version of QuickBooks over the traditional version. Then don’t worry, you have all the reasons to switch to QuickBooks Desktop Hosting.
Before we know why, let us discuss QuickBooks Cloud Computing and it is recognition within the accounting and business community.

What is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

Simply put, QuickBooks hosting is the process of moving a QuickBooks desktop accounting version to a third-party cloud server. All this integration of on-premises stored data into a cloud server owned by a validated Intuit cloud partner is known as QB on the cloud. Now let’s decipher the benefits of migrating QuickBooks software to cloud hosting.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Freedom of Accessibility

Most of the companies have faced difficult times during a pandemic because they have no access to accounting files or business data. This inaccessibility generated significant losses, including the closure of large enterprises. Now, the first and most important benefit of migrating to QuickBooks Cloud stems from this understanding that many companies recognize during times of crisis. 

Ability to access data files regardless of location, time, or system. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting gives accountants and accounting firms access to business data in the cloud anytime, anywhere with the help of Cloud PC Services which provides secure Virtual Desktops. With QuickBooks hosting, you have free access to your data depending on your convenience devices such as Android smartphones, iPods, laptops, and computers. You also have the opportunity to assist your customers in an emergency.

Excellent Customer Service Support

Everyone requires help when they are struggling with crucial work. Companies provide customer support services just to help their customers, so no one has to stop working in the meantime. People face many kinds of problems, such as software, hardware, and sudden natural phenomena. The best part about switching to QuickBooks server hosting is 24/7 support and assistance.

Ease Of Collaboration

Working with files and constantly rushing to get approval from clients usually results in multiple copies of the same file. And also the worst factor is the fact that just one person could work using the file at any given time. However, this isn’t the situation for QuickBooks server hosting. Cloud technology provides users remote access to QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions by accessing, downloading, uploading, and editing from anywhere.


The dynamic features of QuickBooks server hosting make bookkeeping a lot easier. Accountants have free access to accounting data through the latest security features. Also, Cloud hosting services improve collaboration between team members. Companies should closely consider before choosing the right cloud hosting service to keep their data more secure.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting with the help of Intuit authorized service providers like Apps4rent, who also guides on different migration services to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive provides multiple benefits to its users and completely secures their online accounting with top-notched security.


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