This short article gives you the more information concerning the Tishomingo Accident. As well as delivered the college administrator and OHP statements onto it.

Accident in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. So how exactly does the accident happen? Can there be any dying loss? The number of of these died within this accident?

The heartbroken occurrences happened in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, within the U . s . States. The general public school’s youthful students and staff people passed away within this accident. Are Oklahoma Highway patrol police investigating what causes the vehicle crash?

Tishomingo Accident wiped out six senior high school girl students. Oklahoma highway patrol confirmed the six females wiped out within the vehicle crash at Tishomingo. Law enforcement and also the school management confirmed the dying.

This short article gives you the detail details about the Oklahoma highway accident.

Where will the accident happen?

Oklahoma is the suburbs situated in Tishomingo. The six senior high school women died around the place within the vehicle crash. The semi-truck hit the little passenger vehicle in the highway junction of Tishomingo. The accidental junction is situated between US 377 and Oklahoma 22.

Tishomingo Public Schools student’s dying.

We can’t have the ability to describe losing in words. There aren’t any words to describe the youthful female student’s dying. The little vehicle and also the semi-truck crash happened on 22nd March, Tuesday, around 12.30 pm.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) information investigating the vehicle crash. However, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol will release the analysis report with increased details once complete.

The Governor of Tishomingo, Kevin Stitt, announced offering support towards the affected families and also the district.

The district has concerned about the functional lack of the scholars. Because of Tishomingo Accident, schools Administrator Bobby Waitman announced the statement inside a couple of hrs following the vehicle crash. He states, “The entire district of Tishomingo has endured for that great loss of highschool students. As well as, all of our hearts are damaged, and we’re inconsolable with this adorable students and dear most staff”.

Police Statements

OHP officials began investigating the crash. The18 wheeler was heading within the south direction on U.S 377. Our prime school girl’s vehicle what food was in the stop sign.

Detailed information or even the nature from the crash were unknown. In Tishomingo Accident, Just the vehicle what food was in the place close to the stop sign following the semi-truck hit them. The vehicle is all about 100 ft in the intersection and completely crushed.

Vehicle doorways were crushed completely within this crash, and also the roof also collapsed. The OHP official pointed out that they’re unsure reasons for the crash. However, the incident would be a real heart-breaking one.


The Tishomingo public senior high school dying of six students along with a staff vehicle having a semi-truck was heart-breaking news for the whole city. And also the support for college students put from over the capital of scotland- Oklahoma because of the Tishomingo Accident.

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