Bluetooth technology has taken the world by storm. It has revolutionized almost all electronic devices in existence. Gadgets such as Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, watches, and speakers make daily life easier. This technology has widespread applications and is being widely used on retail and industrial scales. This article discusses some of the most hyped trends that this technology is set to popularise.

High Accuracy Asset Tracking devices:

Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are chiefly powered by Bluetooth technology. This solution is used to track expensive and high-importance assets on a real-time basis. This solution has found widespread use in a myriad of fields. It can track workers’ movement in a factory or a high-risk mine. It can also track patients within a smart hospital. You can locate your lost vehicle using this technology, or a logistics company may use it to track its shipments.

Network of Devices:

Bluetooth Mesh technology is lighting up the way as we take baby steps towards a smarter world. This technology is being used to implement networked lighting systems and enable automation across a wide range of connected devices. 

Indoor Navigation:

Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Systems(IPS) are gradually replacing GPS for navigation in closed spaces. This technology provides much better accuracy in an indoor environment than GPS. This helps visitors navigate complex hallways in museums, shopping malls, and hospitals by using the smart devices allotted to them at the entry point. RSSI radio networks and AoD Beacons usually implement this system.

Easy-to-use Tags:

A very efficient gadget available today is the Bluetooth tag. You can attach it to important personal items such as wallets, car keys, or your luggage while on tour. These tags can be tracked by an application installed on your smartphone. Log in to the app and track your prized possession when an item is misplaced.

Digital Keys: 

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives in many ways. The recent years have seen new and more cutting-edge technologies making their way into advanced mobiles, making them indispensable. Smartphones are being used as Digital Keys to control locks in doors, cars, office buildings, etc. The door gets unlocked when a user is in the vicinity of a Bluetooth-enabled lock registered on his mobile device. Additional security is achieved by utilizing technologies already available in smartphones, such as face recognition and a system of passcodes.

Faster Data Transfer:

All smart devices generate data and usually transmit them to the cloud. This data is analyzed to produce actionable insights and improve the personal life and comfort of the modern man. New and improved Bluetooth technologies allow fast firmware updates, faster data streaming, and quick bulk data transfer. Usage of this technology has enabled your smartwatch to show your heart rate on the mobile application as it is captured. You can now operate your computer peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard, pretty fast and without noticeable delay, or change channels on your smart TV using a Bluetooth-enabled remote control device. Using this technology, you can easily listen to music on those trendy Soundcore headphones.

These new Bluetooth technology trends will surely bring about unprecedented advancement in both retail gadgets. Its contributions in the public or large-scale domain are enormous.


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