Each of the different odds will have a different way of playing. In football betting, the odds of 3/4 are quite popular and many people participate. So what is 3/4, and what is the most effective way to catch the bet? The answer will be in the content of the article below by online sports betting bonuses in Naija.

                                Introduction What is 3/4?

3/4 is also known by another name, 0.75 or half, or 0.5/1. A type of football betting in which the top team accepts the bottom 3/4 left team, and the upper/door team must have a goal difference of at least two to win.

3/4 bets often appear in matches in the English Premier League or Euro. The odds are given by the bookmaker before the match starts and are shown on the table of odds. Each bookmaker will have different odds.

Match results will be based on official 90-minute time and stoppage time but do not include extra time or penalty kicks.

         Instructions on how to play 3/4 when betting on football

To participate in the 3/4 bet, players choose a reputable bookie to join and access the home page of that book with a personal online account to participate in betting. For new players who do not have an account, please register for an account by filling in all the required information accurately.

Select the match you want to participate in to bet with arbitrary bets and odds available on the odds table, with the following bet options:

+ Top: bets on the upper hand, the stronger team wins. The bottom team loses.

If the top team scores at least 2 goals apart from the bottom team, the top team wins and earns enough money. The bottom team loses the bet and loses all the money.

If the top team scores 1 goal difference from the bottom team, then the top team loses the bet and loses half of the money. The bottom team wins the bet and gets half the money.

+ Under: bets on 2 teams to draw or the bottom team (weaker team) to win. The top team loses.

If the two teams tie, or the bottom team wins with any score, the bottom team wins the bet and gets all the money. The top team loses the bet and all the money.

After completing the bet, the player only needs to follow the progress of the match to know the final result.

+ If your bet selection is correct, the player wins the bet and receives the corresponding bonus amount.

Winnings = bet amount x Odds rate.

Win half money = 1/2 winnings.

+ If your bet selection is incorrect, the player loses the bet and loses the original bet.

Bet collection = initial bet amount.

Lose half your money = 1/2 of your original bet.

               The most effective 3/4 betting experience

When the game takes place, players should spend the first 15 minutes observing and evaluating. If the 3/4 handicap drops to 1/2, the player should bet on the upper hand.

Priority should be given to the team with the home field advantage because the team with the home field advantage is likely to score more goals.

In cases where the top team has a stronger attack than the bottom team, it is advisable to bet on the top team.

If the top team has a 3/4 handicap and has had 0.80 for a long time, this time the player should choose the lower door.

When the amount fluctuates continuously in the 4 hours before the match and suddenly increases 30 minutes before the start of the game, the player should enter the money for the home team.

Find out all the information related to the match, such as: form, match history, gameplay, line-up. Analyze selectively, then make the right judgment and have the right bet selection.


The above is useful information, helping players understand how to play 3/4 bets when participating in football betting, as well as the most effective 3/4 betting experiences that we have summarized and selected. . Good luck.


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