Ever wondered how Instagram’s Pinning function operates digital media agencies ? Want to know the best ways to use pinned Instagram posts and reels for marketing purposes? Use these tips both to grow your Instagram personally and also to identify the company that provides outstanding Instagram marketing services in UAE.

You’ll discover how to pin up to three posts or reels to your Instagram profile grid in this article.

What Is the Grid Pinning Feature on Instagram?

Instagram announced the addition of Grid Pinning in June 2022. The feature seems quite easy at first glance. It gives you the option to feature (pin) up to three posts or reels at the top of your profile grid.

Anything you pin to your Instagram profile grid appears at the top of your feed perpetually, much like pinned posts on Facebook or pinned tweets on Twitter. Pinnable posts must be manually deleted or swapped out for another pinnable article.

But Instagram, in contrast to other social media platforms, lets you have up to three pinned posts on your profile grid. It will therefore require some careful preparation to decide how many posts to highlight, which posts to pin, and in what order to draw attention to them.

We’ll discuss some suggestions for organizing your grid and pinning topics. However, let’s first go over how to pin and unpin Instagram posts and reels.

How to Grid Your Profile Posts from Instagram

Make sure you have Instagram’s most recent version before you start. Open the Instagram app, go to your profile, and navigate through your feed to pin a post to your Instagram grid. Tap an Instagram post to open it when you find one you wish to pin. The post-action menu will then appear when you tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Choose the Pin to Your Profile option from the menu.

To be sure the post was pinned, return to your Instagram profile. The top-right corner of your post will display a white pin icon, signifying that it has been pinned to the top of your Instagram grid. (Note that the pin icon takes the place of any other icons that might have appeared in your post, such as the video or Reels icons.)

Repeat the process above to pin up to two additional posts (for a total of three). To add additional posts to the top of your grid, scroll through your profile to discover them, then tap to pin them.

Any content you’ve pinned is automatically followed by your most recent Instagram posts. This means you can choose only one or two posts to emphasize or dedicate an entire line of your grid to pinned posts.

Pay close attention to the sequence in which you pin the posts you decide to feature. The Instagram grid’s top-most item is the post you’ve most recently pinned. What should you do, therefore, if you wish to continue having a pinned post in the upper-left corner while also adding one or two more to the top of your profile grid?

How to Remove Pinned Instagram Posts from Your Account

You must first unpin the post from its prominent position at the top of your profile feed. Open the post in order to access the menu, then hit the three dots in the top-right corner to unpin it. Tap Unpin From Profile after that. Return to your grid to make sure the pinned post is gone. It should instead return to its original position in the chronological stream.

You can now go back and highlight the posts you wish to draw attention to, being careful to pin them in reverse order. The one you wish to highlight at the very top of your feed should be saved for last.

Remember that Instagram only allows three pinned posts per account. You will notice a notification that the pin limit has been reached if you try to feature a fourth post. Tap Confirm if you still wish to save the article.

The post immediately displays in the upper-left portion of your feed after you touch Confirm. The rightmost pinned post, which is the oldest one, automatically unpins itself at the same time and resumes its position in the chronological feed.

Tap Cancel if you wish to change the order as well as replace an older pinned post. Then repeat the previous steps to repin content so that it appears in the order you like and unpin certain posts.

How to Grid Your Profile’s Instagram Reels

It’s possible to pin any feed post to your profile using Instagram’s Grid Pinning feature. You can choose to display a collection of images, videos, and reels at the top of your Instagram feed, in other words.

Use the same procedures for pinning photographs and videos to add a reel to your Instagram feed. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the reel you wish to spotlight to open the menu. Select Pin to Your Profile after that.

Keep in mind that Instagram only supports pinning posts to the main feed right now. Since all tabs, excluding the main grid, automatically show items in chronological order, you can’t, for example, pick which reels to pin to the top of your Reels grid.

Taking Instagram Reels Off of Your Profile

Select the post and click the menu icon in the top-right corner to remove a reel from its featured position at the top of your feed. Select Unpin From Profile after that. You may always go back and repin something to the top of your feed as long as it is still visible in your profile grid.

However, it’s crucial to remember that you cannot pin Reels to your profile grid if they haven’t been posted. For instance, you won’t have the option to pin a reel if you simply published it to the Reels page and choose not to add it to your profile grid.

Make sure to choose the Also Share to Feed option when posting your material if you plan to feature a reel, even momentarily, on your profile grid. Reels cannot be added to your Instagram feed in the past.

Here’s a helpful hack, just in case. You can tap at any time to remove a reel from your profile grid once you’ve pinned it to the top of your feed. It will remain at the top of the feed as long as it is pinned. It will no longer be visible in your feed and will only be visible on the Reels tab after you replace it with another pinned article.


Pinning Instagram posts can assist you in achieving your marketing objectives, whether you want to emphasize time-sensitive deals or highlight evergreen content. Utilize the advice provided by the best Instagram marketing agencies in Dubai and the article above to create a plan for highlighting posts and clips so you can create the ideal Instagram profile grid for your business.

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