Please look at this write-up to understand Shutupandgotobed com, a current site that appears is the marketing teaser of the popular solo project’s next album.

Would you like hearing pop music? Would you follow solo musical projects? Have you considered a distinctive marketing teaser with a famous singer? Then, please read up until the finish to obtain all of the necessary details.

In the current report, we’ve discussed an internet site and it is intention with a famous music performer. Fans from various nations, such as the U . s . States, have an interest in the most recent teaser and a few anonymous messages. Therefore, please peruse this composition to discover Shutupandgotobed com.

What’s Shutupandgotobed?

Shutupandgotobed is really a lately produced site that appears is the teaser for Panic! In the Disco, a solo musical project by Brendon Urie. Readers can decipher this is from the website’s name by studying it with spaces. It reads shut up and go to sleep. On opening the web site, it’s possible to see some fields having a background that appears just like a stapled page.

The fields ask you to complete their age bracket and preferred sleeping time. After that it calculates the right time for you to awaken. However, after clicking the Calculate button on Shutupandgotobed com, it makes sense exactly the same every time. It flashes as 6! 01, regardless of the joined sleeping time. Additionally, the screen displays a rather strange message towards the readers. It asks you not to become a diva which it’s time to be free.

How Did People Come To Understand About This Site?

Lately, fans of Panic! In the Disco received an anonymous letter by having an noisy alarms set at 6:01. The letter communicated exactly the same message as online. The letter’s symbols comprise a crescent, star, and eye, which are members of the band’s emblem. The letter ended with Shutupandgotobed com, so people searched for this site on the web and discovered onpar gps. The exclamatory sign rather from the semicolon within the time also points toward the band’s name.

Exactly what does time Indicate?

Time 6:01 most likely signifies 1 June 2022. The hour time matches the month quantity of June, and also the second time marks the date. Fans expect the band’s next release about this date, which is its first official release after 4 years. The backdrop song online is possibly the lyrics from the album’s song.

Is Shutupandgotobed com Legit?

Let’s read some details to visualize the authenticity of the website.

Website Age – 15 days old, by having an establishment date of two May 2022.

Website Trust Score – 8%, a really Bad Trust Index.

Social Networking Connection – The portal isn’t linked to any social networking platform.

Damaged Links – The Terms option opens a blocked page.

The Originality of Content – The insurance policy wordings fit in with another music company launched in 2017.

We can’t read the legality of the website in the above details. However, we are able to think that this site is Brendon Urie’s make an effort to promote his next album, apt to be released on 1 June 2022.


Shutupandgotobed com looks like it’s a marketing teaser for that approaching album of Panic! In the Disco. It’s a unique technique by Brendon Urie to advertise the discharge. He’d moored an identical way of the prior album, Pray for that Wicked.

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