You are in a situation when a client or even a regular one wants something more from you and you cannot offer that. This can be some sort of fetish that you don’t want to try or even an actual date. So, what you must do in order to refuse him politely. You don’t want to hurt his feelings or turn him mad.                                                                                                                   Here are some excellent pointers on how to politely refuse a client. Take into consideration the fact that rejection is not too easy to handle for anyone. The tips we are offering you in this article are helping you not to be caught off guard and say something which is not right for your client. 

Make sure you are honest at all times

Turning a client down is a quite awkard situation. Plus, it is also quite hard to do this, especially when the person you are turning down is nice and even a regular client. That’s why being honest at all times is the best strategy ever. In case your policy is to keep your professional life as Manchester escorts, separated from the personal one, then stick to it and don’t make any exceptions from that rule. You should never agree to date someone aut of pity or do something for a client even if you don’t want to.                                                               All you have to do is to have a very clear list with the services you offer and do not do more than that. With the clients who ask you for a real date, you should refuse them gently. Don’t make up stories or invent a boyfriend. Instead, keep it as honnest as possible. Thank the client for his proposal and then decline the invitation, telling him that you don’t actually date your clients. On the other hand, if you deal with a client who wants a certain service, then tell him that you don’t have that service on your list. 

Do not over explain yourself

You should never over explain yourself. You don’t own your customer any explanation regarding your decision to decline his invitation or his request. So, you must not lose yourself in endless explanations or small lies, simply to satisfy your decision and to make him feel less rejected. What we recommend you to do is to keep it short and straight forward. This way, your rejection will be a lot better accepted. 

You should not avoid giving an answer

Being direct and honest is the best thing you can do as an escort from uEscort, when you need to refuse a client. In these circumstances, this is definitely the best attitude to have. By doing so, you are actually taking the matters into your own hands, and plus, you have the possibility of speaking your mind clearly. Remember that you should always treat a person with respect and understanding. So, make sure you handle things with tact and don’t show any kind of disgust towards your clients requests. Moreover, you should not feel offended by his proposal because everyone has the right to express their feelings and desires. 

Make it clear that that’s your final decision

Once you say something make sure you stick with it. Don’t change your mind because you will not look serious in your client’s eyes. Never leave room for interpretation. Make your client understand that your refusal is final and that you will not change your mind. It is important to communicate with him in a friendly manner so that he doesn’t get upset. And, if he does, then, again, this is not your business. You have to set some boundaries, and that means that once they are not respected, you must not spend time with that person anymore. No matter what your choice is, simply make it clear that is your final decision. 

Stay away from social media friendships

This is a very important aspect that you must consider as an escort. If it is not an official page where you actually promote your business, then there is no need in befriending a client on your personal account. In case you do accept his friendship, you will actually leave room for more, which means that you will send him the wrong message. You must not confuse your client by sending mixed messages. For example, if you have already refused his invitation, then there is no need to stay in touch on your personal means of text messages, social media, and so on. With clients, it is allowed to communicate only on your business email address, social media accounts or phone number. 


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