The guide shares information regarding the brand new stick vacuum Redroad V17 and also the awards it’s guaranteed.

Redroad is really a famous smart appliance manufacturer noted for its high-quality, cutting-edge products and residential appliances. Redroad lately incorporated a brand new consumer product within their expanding portfolio known as Redroad V17, the fashionable, innovative, yet affordably priced handheld cordless vacuum.

Redroad V17 cordless vacuum is definitely an innovative illustration of the brand’s high standards of appearance design, material selection, and designing process.

With your an excellent design and production, Redroad V17 offers to deliver better quality performance at cost friction. Additionally, the subtle air-duct design coupled with HEPA filtration makes Redroad V17 a high option for homemakers within the U . s . States.

What’s Redroad V17?

Redroad V17 is really a effective stick vacuum launched with a famous innovative appliance brand, Redroad. Since its debut, the vacuum continues to be highly appreciated and rated by many people consumers.

It’s apparent in the Gold Award it’s guaranteed after defeating over 35000 brands from countless regions and nations within the MUSE Design Awards 2021. It’s guaranteed the award in your home appliance category in case.

The company exhibits its excellence in design, production abilities, and R&D using the Redroad V17 vacuum launch. The smart home appliance brand from Asia uses industrial grade and-quality materials with exquisite appearance to represent the innovative lifestyle that amalgamates quality art, hygiene, and appearance. Fundamental essentials built-in characteristics the brand built-into its products.

Redroad V17, due to its innovative design and-quality materials, offers to deliver effective performance without resulting in the loud noise. However, Redroad V17 may be the pioneer in presenting bold colors in to the austere landscape from the cleaner world. It’s the primary reason it’s got recognition and won a Gold award in case.

Redroad V17 – The Vacuum with Global Recognition

The jury people in the MUSE Award Event agree that Redroad V17 has effectively provided effective cleaning efficiency with innovative features along with a stunning look. Additionally, it helped the merchandise to create a brand new benchmark for that production and style of intelligent housekeeping services appliances.

MUSE Design Award aims to understand and praise the brands for designing innovative and stunning products. Worldwide Awards Association or IAA has backed the big event since its launch in 2015. It aims to recognize and promote the promising and many innovative designers. The association is globally acclaimed because of its rigorous and professional analysis and evaluation process. Each year, 46 jury people from over 25 nations are selected to judge they as well as their operate in adherence towards the set guidelines and standards.

To be the world’s leading design award, MUSE Design Award attracts all of the leading and promising brands and designers, including Michelin and IKEA. Winning a Gold Award in case is much like an achievement for any brand or designer which brings prestige, fame, and global recognition.

The Dream Team Behind Redroad V17 Wins Global Design Awards

Behind the very best-seller, Redroad V17 may be the Dream Group of Redroad, comprising twelve vacuum professionals and engineers. The work manager leads the dream team, and that he has over 28 many years of wealthy experience and expertise within the niche.

Before becoming project manager of Redroad V17, he offered like a director of countless vacuum projects. The vacuum project he was heading produced over fifty million vacuums worldwide, 4 months’ price of the world’s production.

The dream team even comprises people and experts in the vacuum domain with wealthy experience with over 10 years. They has in-depth experience comprehending the consumer’s demands and requires with robust experience and extensive customer empathy. It’s why the company seems to deliver innovative and advanced products using cutting-edge technologies, advanced processing, and military-grade materials.

The R&D company directors of the trademark have more than one 1000 patents within their name. Besides, the ID designer mind has his name imprinted among the key youthful Chinese designers, who once brought the designer team behind the key bicycle logo and received the esteemed award in the worldwide design committee. The company has additionally sent recruitment invitations to the peak three PhDs in the College of British Colombia to handle AI Application development.


Redroad V17 is among the most effective vacuum made to handle any carpet and flooring, and it arrives with plenty of attachments to create cleaning very simple for homemakers.

It’s apparent in the Gold Award it’s guaranteed in the MUSE Design Award event after challenging and conquering over 35 1000 brands from various nations. Therefore, it will consider Redroad V17 as the next intelligent housekeeping services tool.


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