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About Rage of Dragons

On June sixth, 2002, this captivating Epic fantastic game took it’s origin from, and also the variable was and book according to violence, self-defense, and revenge. The dragon range is really a recent virtual launch game like a global player for competing within the greatest recognition worldwide.

Japan company noise factor and breeze soft best fighting multi-player game began approaching on internet Geo arcade games and arcade game titles. For the exact purpose of players to do social combats are develop attacking skills much like counter attacks by Rage of Dragons Gift Codes 2021 and super moves, the plethora of dragons began featuring single play tournament.

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Title – Rage of Dragons

Writer – UU GAMES

Genre – Adventure and Combat Game

Quality – Android Filling: 908 MB IOS space: 1.1 GB

Download – Android user: Play Store IOS user: Application Store

Feature Of Game

The 3D gorgeous and unforgettable generic journey is supplied after attaining EXP.

Players can collect Epic heroes worldwide increase as quickly as possible

The fight arena and individual real-time combat fights listed with road set quantity and in multi-player fighting feature tricking through Rage of Dragons Gift Codes 2021

It’s possible to end up being the real warrior within the fight and solve the task of teammates

Killing demons with serious and crafted equipment makes gain levels and rewards instantly

The very best fight battleground is perfect for both single and multi-player.


Tap towards the game reward button on top right corner from the game platform screen

Click towards the Pack exchange around the new appear

Go into the gold within the entire CDKEY section

After filling out images of words, click to assert rewards, and immediately, your player will get in-game benefits.

Rage of Dragons Gift Codes 2021

d1893ar Redeem for (NA & EU) (Addition since August 20th, 2021) (Latest)

0fs6wy Redeem for (Ocean) (Addition since August 20th, 2021) (Latest)

110g33bb Redeem for (NA & EU) (Addition since August 13th, 2021)

auybd68Redeem for (Ocean) (Addition since August 13th, 2021)

xjgi259 Redeem for (Addition since August ninth, 2021)

latbv589 Redeem for that latest benefits

oaklk526 Redeem for that latest benefits

ijln896 Redeem for that latest benefits

l1b32fd Redeem for that latest benefits

fgb25f2 Redeem for Mount Orb x3, Wing Essence x3, and Very important personel Warrant

18dsd4 x3. Redeem for exclusive rewards

165dfv7 Redeem for x4770 Rune, x3 Fundamental Holystone, Companion Brimstone x3


Concluding this news on Rage of Dragons Gift Codes 2021, it is among the best role-playing action games created on your part games for Android and IOS. Because the game provides certain furious features are bland element figures, you can easily collect increase the brand new codes and tokens.

Using the new update, players be at liberty and quick to unlock many gorgeous appearing champions from worldwide and customizing. The ready group of competitors have enhanced the performance of hunting and facing challenges like a real warrior.


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