Kindergarten is an exciting time of exploration and growth. Developing a child’s motor coordination increases independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem. As the year progresses, kindergartners must complete their duties with less outside help, take on more responsibilities and follow the rules more carefully. Help your child’s mental and academic development with some suggestions for kindergarten preparation. 

There is a lot of excitement before each new school year starts, and the first day of kindergarten can be overwhelming for both child and parent. The first day of KG school is one of the most significant milestones in a child’s educational life. As UAE islamic schools have gone virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first day of kindergarten has become even more exciting and memorable.

Whether it’s a physical classroom or an online session, there are many ways parents can help prepare their children for their first day of KG school. 

Here are some vital points you must consider while preparing your children for their first day:

Try to visit the school and meet the class teacher.

It is essential to familiarize the child with the school building and teachers. If your child goes to school with you, he will better cope with the first days of school because at least he will know the school building. New places can scare children if their parents do not accompany them. Meeting a teacher can help them find a familiar face in a group of strangers.

Attend the Orientation of your child ( If any )

Most kindergartens in Abu Dhabi offer parent-child orientation so children can interact with other students and teachers. Orientation may also include a short tour of the school, which many american curriculum schools offer in Dubai. Parents can also learn what to expect and how their child’s day is going.

Read good books the night before.

Babies can be restless the night before their first day. They may worry about making friends, staying fit, and going to the bathroom. Books can ease these worries and are one of the best ways to prepare children for the first day of school. Some recommended preschooler books include The Night Before, Kissing Hands, and Troubled Wimberley. These books help reduce anxiety among young children before their first day of KG school.

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Practice your child getting ready

Let’s face it. The pandemic has made us all lazy. Many of us lose our regular schedule and laze around in our pajamas all day. So are our children. That’s why it’s essential to start sleep training at least one week before kindergarten starts. Wake the kids up at least 2 hours before school, so they have enough time to get ready, eat breakfast, throw away a snack or two, and get to school on time. Your child may need time to get used to the busy new morning schedule. The key to making your child feel comfortable is to focus as much as possible on learning about the unknown.

Make them learn basic skills.

Children learn basic skills in kindergarten. Kindergarten is a place where lifelong habits are formed. But it is always better to prepare them in advance so that they are comfortable. Research shows that children who have mastered basic skills feel more comfortable among their peers. Participate in a colorful game with your child, or enjoy counting numbers. This creates interest between them and makes them look forward to a new chapter in their lives.

Ask about their food preferences.

Ask your child what he would like to bring to school for lunch. Prepare their favorite meal on the first day so they can look forward to it. Buying your child’s favorite items can make grocery shopping more fun. You can also leave a surprise for them to let them know that going to school will be more fun.

Be prepared for tears.

Many children cry when their parents drop them off at the school gates. This is normal. But it is crucial to handle the situation tactfully and not ignore the child’s feelings. Otherwise, the child may develop a habit of seeking attention. Calm them down quickly, tell them you’ll be there after school to pick them up and leave the rest to the teachers. Your child will soon forget this when they go to school and see new things and people.

Go shopping for school.

Nothing gets kids excited like the word shopping. They should choose a school bag, pencil case, lunch box, water bottle, and stationery. It makes them feel important and unique.

Practice self-care skills.

Young children need to know how to look after themselves at school. This includes getting dressed, washing hands, going to the bathroom, sneezing into a cloth or tissue, and putting things in a bag. Knowing these principles will give your child more confidence. Little children can care for themselves, and we must show them how.

Give them a family photo.

Since you can’t be with your children at school, a picture can help them relax. Although not required, a family photo can be exceptionally comforting for children. You can also make a small family album for the child to take anywhere. Your child’s first day in KG school should be an unforgettable experience for you and your child. Remember to rest. If you are happy and confident, your child will reflect the same. So let your child explore a new learning environment, and you can breathe easily.


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