The serene nation of Canada is blessed with a rich and storied past, polite people, densely populated cities, and stunning natural beauty. You will live an exquisite, lavish life as an expat when you travel to Canada. While English and French are Canada’s official languages, not all its citizens are multilingual. English proficiency is more prevalent in native French users than in those who speak French. AmazingTalker is an excellent choice if you want to study languages on the internet. To help you with your language acquisition, it provides a wide range of online language tutors, including English, French, and Spanish. It also offers native English instructors online.

List of most important vocabularies:

Double Double:

If you are moving to Canada, it is essential to learn this phrase. The phrase you use as you leave your home to grab a cup of coffee includes the two sweets of Tim Horton Doughnuts, along with a selection of delicious doughnuts. In the meantime, Tim Horton, a hockey legend, founded Tim Hortons.


A 24-beer bottle is typically referred to with this term. If your friend asks you to grab a bottle while you are going to the airport, do not be surprised.


Use the word “ay” for it. If you are unsure of something, do not believe it is real, or would like someone else to reply by using this word in your daily Canadian speech. It is similar to the way Americans often use words like “huh,” “right,” and “what.”


A colloquial term used to describe Canadians. You might have heard it about sporting events, such as when we support our national team in stereotypes of Canadian clothing and team names such as Vancouver Canucks. Vancouver Canucks, even though Torontonians are only familiar with that team as the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Butter tart:

It is a sweet dessert made of syrup, sugar, butter, and egg filling. The dessert is baked to create the fill in a semi-solid form and crisp top.


“Tuque” (it can also be called toque) is pronounced with a Canadian accent like “too-uk” or “tuke.” The term is used to describe a hat with no brim or one with a shorter brim (a beanie). The most common time to wear it is in the winter, which is all the time.

The 6ix:

The six cities now part of Toronto is known in the “6ix.” Drake is a singer from Toronto who has popularized the term through his mixtape. Drake attributes the origin of the phrase to the rapper Jimmy Prime.


Canadians are the only people on earth who use the term “electricity” to describe their power in the form of hydro. They pay their monthly bill, but it is not called an electric invoice. Hydro is the term used to describe it.


The fast-food restaurant firm Tim Hortons, named for its co-founder, legendary hockey star Tim Horton, is called Timmies. Being a Canadian without knowing and loving Tim Hortons is inaccurate. Please do not overlook the Timbits or donuts; they are great with the famous double double.


A Canadian born in Alberta was often quoted saying how nice it was to see Chinooks coming through the Rockies. In reality, Chinooks are pretty impressive. Chinook is quite remarkable. Chinook’s definition refers to “The melting snow.” In winter’s harshest conditions, Chinook is a gentle breeze that blows through the mountain, quickly melting snow and elevating the temperature. It is essential because winters in Alberta could be brutally cold.


The Canadian dollar coin is called a loonie, named for the loon, a bird native to Canada, and depicted on the reverse of the currency. To imitate the sounds of the loonie, it was named a toonie. Toonie, the term for the two-dollar coin, has been given a similar name.


A person is living in Quebec and whose primary language is not English or French. This phrase was previously restricted to linguists of other countries with English as their primary language but has now been employed in some regions of Canada by journalists, broadcasters, and the general public.


Z is spoken “zed” in Canada; however, “zee” is also acceptable. If you would like to look like a typical Canadian, utilize the word, Zed. It will make you look more Canadian. Americans can be heard singing “X, Y, Zee,” while Canadians use “Zed.” If you sing the alphabet song, there is not the same intensity; however, they sing it with “Zed.”


You can use all your tools if everything else fails according to this idiom. It refers to everything that requires you to put on your shins and complete the task, such as drinking, work, sports, or any other activity.


Learn the basic terms if you only know some French and have plans to travel to a francophone area of Canada. French Canadians are receptive to English-speaking people who put into learning and appreciating. Canadian English frequently combines elements of American and British spelling. British or US English pronunciations influence Canada too. The majority of the time, Canadians sound like Americans.


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