Using a PDF form creator is difficult for someone unfamiliar with the program since it requires a small amount of specialized knowledge. Fortunately, it does not take long for someone to familiarize themselves with a specific PDF editor app so they can avoid making mistakes when merging PDFs. Some of the common mistakes that people make when merging PDFs include merging the wrong files or leaving pages that should not be included, but there are many more that this article will show you how to avoid when using some of the most popular PDF editing apps. 

Common Mistakes when Merging PDFs 

Even though the process is relatively easy depending on the tool you are using, merging PDFs can lead to mistakes being made that are mostly the fault of the program, but sometimes the user as well. While many modern and next-generation PDF editors let you edit PDFs on Mac or use PDF templates to create your version and are designed to be user-friendly some users still have trouble. 

Through no fault of their own, they mistakenly merge the wrong files or run into problems they do not know how to solve, like how to merge PDFs that are password-protected, how to batch merge many files, and how to remove unnecessary pages from files that must be merged. These operations are more advanced and require more knowledge than most everyday users have. 

How These Mistakes Are Made

But the great thing about many of these PDF tools apps is that you can solve problems easily since they have simple interfaces that are easy to navigate. Many people first learn how to merge PDFs through online tools that are the easiest to use and have the fewest steps. These tools can have drag-and-drop designs that take out all the navigating and searching. 

Only, some users need to quickly merge multiple files and do not have the time to do it file by file. This is when most mistakes are made. It’s because these users need to access the more nuanced features of the PDF editor app, such as choosing only single pages of a document rather than merging the entire file. To perform these functions, you need to open one file in your PDF editor browser, and then find the merge function, which will let you upload various files in various ways. 

How to Avoid These Mistakes

The best way to avoid common mistakes when merging files is to read the tools’ how-to guides and other instructions that can answer most of your questions. If you are having trouble finding the answer to your problem there, you can also go online to community forums where other users post their problems and receive community feedback. 

However, the more you use the tool, the more you will learn about its intricacies and figure out how to merge without any mistakes. You can always learn more by doing, which means using all of the separate features of the tools when you open the merge dialog box. You can choose to add images, Word or Excel files, or any other type of file into your document before you merge it, so you don’t have to do it afterward. 

You can also avoid mistakes by merging only a few documents at a time and slowly learning what other things you can do besides merge PDFs. This will prepare you for when you need to merge many files and documents at the same time and need to do it precisely. Only when you have the proper knowledge of everything your PDF form creator can do will you be able to use it properly and efficiently and avoid making mistakes.  


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