Within this publish, we’ve discussed the Martial Peak 1949 and summarized the tale from the chapter 1949.

Are you currently a readers of Martial Peak? Are you currently searching for Chapter 1949 from the Martial Peak? Would you like to understand what happened within the chapter? If so, tune in to the publish.

Martial Peak is an excellent manga that shows the storyline of Yang Kai and the journey. Fans within the U . s . States are searching for Chapter 1949 from the Martial Peak. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss the Martial Peak 1949 and summarize the chapter for readers.

Martial Peak Chapter 1949: Yang Kai Demands Source Crystals

Chu Fei had lost his prior arrogance after comprehending the divide between themself & Yang Kai, although he was reluctant to get rid of any more face before all. Having a smile on his face, Yang Kai elevated his finger and murmured, Senior Brother, compensation for his loss.

Yang Kai requested many hundred 1000 Source Crystals. Chu Fei couldn’t imagine getting a lot of Source Crystals in the possession. Even thinking about those he’d used out, the quantity of Source Crystals he had didn’t exceed 200 1000 since he started farming.

Martial Peak 1949: Chu Fei Denies Yang Kai’s Demands & Tries to Flee

Seeing Chu Fei denying his request of Source Very. Because he solemnly stated that discussions had damaged lower, Yang Kai’s expression switched chilly. Something just caught Yang Kai’s ear until he could complete what he was expressing. Chu Fei grinned and chuckled because he viewed the wedding.

Before departing, he murmured to Yang Kai they might reunite on some mountain tops or rivers later on. Chu Fei then motioned his other associates, who have been battling to choose him up, to boost Junior Brother, and flee rapidly from the situation.

Yang Kai Attacks Chu Fei

According to Martial Peak 1949, Yang Kai charges at Chu Fei having a fist coated in five-colored light, enraged. In those days, huge Domain slammed lower upon Chu Fei, and Yang Kai smashed him down immediately. Chu Fei may have retaliated, but he recognized Yang Kai never was Junior Brother’s opponent. Thus, he’d no desire to do this.

As Yang Kai was up, Chu Fei was drenched in bloodstream & continued to be on the floor shaking, struggling with severe injuries. Yang Kai addressed Liu Xian Yun. Liu Xian Yun got astonished for some time before quickly regaining calm and coming back to residence with Yang Kai.

Martial Peak 1949: Yang Kai Meets Lady Protector

When they were upgrading the mountain tops, Senior Brother Kou faced them for beating Chu Fei. Then Kou required these to Lady Protector Bian into a luxurious cottage.

Kou then described to Lady Protector that Yang Kai was bullied, so he attacked Chu Fei like this. Throughout their conversation, Bian got angry and clicked at Yang Kai, flying in to the wall and beginning laughing, confusing everybody.


The development of Lady Protector Bian has had the storyline one stage further and subsequently chapter could be more interesting. Click here to see Chapter 1949.

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