Purchasing a house, moving, and settling in are all high-stress activities. From drowning in research to wading through paperwork to finding one’s way in a new environment and it’s not long before one may start hoping for a vacation.

If you are looking for a luxury housewarming gift that will encourage your friend to feel pampered, we have a list of a few things that will do just that while also elevating their homes.

Designer Lampshades

From living rooms to bedrooms and even bathrooms, lampshades are the perfect way to create an ambiance and add a feeling of luxury to any space. Depending on your friend’s style and taste, you can select from various shapes, sizes, and materials. Linen lampshades are perfect for someone who appreciates the finer things in life but also likes to keep them understated. If your friend has bought a home in the plains or by the ocean, linen shades will also complement the aesthetic and climate of their new place. For those with a more flamboyant style, consider empire lamp shades. These classic shades add personality to any space they occupy. You can select from styles such as pleated or woven and materials such as paper or fabric to match your friend’s home’s interiors.

Throw Blankets

You can never have too much coziness in life, especially not if you’ve just moved into a new house. Throw blankets make for excellent luxury housewarming gifts. Their soft fabrics will invite your friend to put their feet up and wrap themselves in a cocoon of comfort. When not being used, the unique prints on luxury throw blankets look great even draped on a couch or lazy chair. 

Hand Blown Wine Glasses

Nothing says luxury like wine! Make your own gift pack that consists of hand blown wine glasses and a bottle of your friend’s favorite wine. Usually thinner and much more graceful than machine made glasses, hand-blown wine glasses are not only a pleasure to sip from but they also look beautiful while sitting on a kitchen shelf. Make it extra special by picking a color that sits with the rest of their dinnerware.

Custom Pet Portrait

If your friend has moved into their new home with a pet, chances are the move has been a bit unsettling for their furry friend too. Bring a little lightness to their space by commissioning a custom pet portrait. You can be sure this will bring your friend a lot of joy each time they look at it. Not only will you be gifting a beautiful gift to your friend but you’d also be supporting an independent artist. There couldn’t be a better win-win situation!

Top-Shelf Olive Oil

What says “relaxation” better than putting your feet up, sipping a glass of wine, and dipping some excellent bread in flavorful olive oil? Your friend doesn’t have to be a chef for them to enjoy good olive oil. In fact, some of the most flavorful oils are best enjoyed as a dip. When you are looking for good olive oil, you will want to find those that are labeled as cold-pressed. Avoiding heat enables the oil to maintain its flavors. Select one with as much care as you would a bottle of wine. 

A Spa Reservation

If your friend and you haven’t had the chance to spend quality time together, a spa reservation is a great idea. A luxury spa experience often draws from nature and will put you and your friend in touch with each other and yourselves. A spa also forces you to slow down, which may be just what your friend needs. 

Select from any of these luxury housewarming gifts for your friends and help them take the time to enjoy the new space they are now a part of.


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