The 2023 SEMP and Econsultancy survey shows that 49% of web marketing expenditure is intended for site referencing (31% for SEA paid referencing and 18% for SEO natural referencing).

This share of the budget is significant and tends to increase in future years. It is therefore appropriate for companies, whose website is a pillar of their activity, to improve their SEO by using affordable or even free techniques to allocate more budget to other resources.

Small SEO budget for a better ROI

Marketing and web marketing are often expenditure items that suffer the biggest budget cuts, especially within VSEs and SMEs. Professionals must therefore ensure that they allocate budgets to the right place and entrust their actions to the right people to optimize the Return on Investment (ROI).

This article aims to give advice on simple actions that positively impact your SEO services without spending a lot of money for any type of website and any industry.

1. Focus on long tail queries

Long tail requests allow website administrators to acquire high but above all qualified traffic: which improves conversion and therefore your ROI.


A long tail query is a concept that shows the relationship between the popularity of a query and the quality of traffic brought by a search on a search engine like Google. It is divided into 2 parts:

The head of the long tail or short tail: a small part of the traffic (20%) is generated by a few generic and popular keywords, on which competition is fierce.

The tail of the long tail: a large part of the traffic (80%) is generated by very specific keywords, often queries with 3 or more secondary keywords, and with a large number of different queries.


The long tail is much less competitive than the short tail. Small websites with a limited budget and resources can therefore focus on these requests.

Not only is it easier to stand out and therefore be well positioned on these queries, but the traffic generated is much more qualified. You are more likely to convert and improve your ROI.


To access its famous 80% of qualified traffic, you must adapt the content of your website to be able to capture some of this traffic. It is impossible to position yourself on all the requests as they are numerous and diverse.

Keyword research is a fundamental and strategic step during which you will identify the easiest queries to position yourself, with traffic and which will generate qualified traffic. Use the knowledge you have about your customers, the statistics on your site and your common sense.

To improve your ROI, attract qualified traffic with suitable content (pages, blog or FAQ) to reach the tail of the long tail.

2. Create links and content with your partners

This method requires, on your part, the ability to write qualitative content that opens the doors to websites other than your own.

Backlinking is essential in the quality of your netlinking, a pillar of natural referencing (SEO). To get backlinks, you can get them naturally or pay for them. The goal being to do SEO on a low budget, we will focus on the 1st proposal.

The principle of “guest blogging” is to invite on his blog or another content writing platform, a person recognized for his “expertise” on a subject. If you are called upon to speak as an expert, you will be able to reach a new audience and generate backlinks, such as Do Follow.

The blog administrator will be happy to enjoy a different tone and content for his visitors. Propose to your partners to exchange on the subject in order to improve your netlinking with reliable sites only, without paying.

3. Work on your local SEO

You have probably already understood that national referencing on relatively popular keywords is very complex and requires resources. A large majority of companies have a precise geographical target, depending on their geographical locations of stores or physical offices or quite simply the nature of their activity.

Positioning yourself more precisely on a location makes it possible to improve its positioning quickly and easily with a small budget, for a better ROI.


Creating a Google My Business page for your local business is as important as creating a social media site or pages. This Local SEO Services is an essential step in your SEO strategy. Internet users who are looking for you have easy access to all the necessary information: address, telephone number, website, hours, etc. Configure your page with all its information as well as photos and videos to gain visibility.

You can do the same on tools like Bing Places for Business, Yellow Pages, and Foursquare. Warning: it will be useless from a natural referencing point of view to add your company to all the directories available on the internet. It’s a waste of time and therefore a decrease in your ROI.


Customer reviews are increasingly appreciated by Facebook and Google, which give them a central place on these platforms. Internet users and customers are often encouraged to give their opinion to help other Internet users to know the quality or not of a company, a brand, a product or a service.

Reviews improve your e-reputation, especially for small businesses or online stores, which reassures and promotes sales without spending money.


To optimize the natural referencing of your website with a small budget, you must always keep watch, read blogs and visit websites that position you better on interesting queries. This will give your ideas on the best optimizations with a good ROI.

If you can optimize the referencing of your website thanks to small simple actions, you will not be able to position yourself durably without multiple actions of the most technical. Do not hesitate to contact us to be assisted by the SEO experts to go further.


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