This short article helps make the latest updates on Legend From The Northern Blade Chapter 114, using its complete details.

Are you currently the lover from the Legend from the Northern blade chapters? Then, you’d be eager to obtain the latest updates around the dates and timing from the era. We all know there are crazy persons Worldwide, and they’re following each chapter from the “Legend from the Northern Blade.”

It announced that Legend From The Northern Blade Chapter 114 could be released around the 22nd of December 2021. This chapter claimed to stay in the raw scan. However, it’s still not updated.

Let’s understand the explanation for it within the sections below.

What’s Northern Blade?

The northern blade is really a well-known series in line with the creation from the author. The writer from the Northern blade series may be the Korean author Woo-Gak. This series was categorized underneath the action fantasy genre.

It’s a wholesome entertainment series for those age ranges. There’s an enormous response in the readers with this action series.

About Legend From The Northern Blade Chapter 114

Chapter 114 involved to be sold around the 22nd of December. However, It’s still anticipated by an eagerly waiting audience. All of the readers were greatly looking forward to Chapter 114. Delay in the release had disappointed most of the audience and still awaiting an answer.

It will likely be obtainable in the British version also. Hence, it had been expected to be sold in a different time at different places.

The crowd from the Uk expected it to produce at 5 pm while, within the off-shore region, it had been 9 am. Other nations within the center and also the eastern region, between 11 am to 12 noon of 22nd December.

However, Legend From The Northern Blade Chapter 114 anticipated release soon.

The cast is involved with this series.

Here are a couple of figures that won the center from the audience.

Jin Mu-Won: He’s the vital protagonist of the series. He’s generally referred to as epithet Northern Blade.

Eun Ha-Seol: She’s the mysterious girl who discovered the primary protagonist Jin Mu-Won. She reveals to Mu-Won helping to protect the Northern Heavenly Sect.

Geum Dan-Yeop: He’s the brother of Eun HA-Seol. He aimed in order to save the sleeping Silent Night and wake them facing the Central Heavenly Alliance.

Let’s glance into the reason behind the passion of Legend From The Northern Blade Chapter 114

The reason behind the passion

The Legend from the Northern Blade includes a unique storyline that concentrates on good and evil figures. This story attracted many audiences because of its exclusive script ability as a copywriter. The tale of the chapter is when the legendary character saves his motherland in the attacks from the evils.


The most recent discharge of Chapter 114 is anticipated to produce around the 22nd of December 2021. It had been delayed because of some technical issue. However, we observed it had become unreleased and will also be released within the future. Would you like the most recent update on Legend From The Northern Blade Chapter 114.


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