On January 01, 2021, the UK government and the EU entered into the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which included reciprocal health care that was to continue. Now UK nationals applying that apply for the EHIC will get the GHIC instead as a replacement.  

Those living in the UK can continue the use of their EHICs until the expiration date and can apply for a GHIC before their card becomes invalid. The GHIC is almost similar to the EHIC in the coverage it offers with an exception. It cannot be used in Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.   

Those that come under the Withdrawal Agreement are still entitled to get their EHIC by the EU country they reside in or issued by the UK if they are living in the country. This card has one major difference as it can also be used in Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.   

For those that have a UK EHIC and are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement

Individuals that are residing in an EU country before January 01, 2021, and having an S1 form issued in the UK are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement. The S1 was formerly called the E121, E106 and E109 subject to the situation when it was issued. Having an S1 form means that the UK has the responsibility for all your healthcare needs expenses thus also issuing the EHIC card. This will also include any dependents that can have their EHICs issued in their names. The recently issued UK EHIC will continue to be valid for use until its expiration date and can be used for short trips to any EU nation. 

Once the existing EHIC expires, since you will be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement you can register for a UK EHIC, instead of a GHIC. The replacement EHIC will include the notation Citizens’ Rights Agreement (CRA) that indicates you are among those individuals that are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.  

If you need to travel to any of the following nations Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway you need to register for a new EHIC even if your old card is valid, as the latter is no longer valid in these nations. Although, a UK passport can be used to receive any necessary treatment for any kind of medical emergency in Norway.  

You can register for a new EHIC online.  

All UK S1 form holders have access to the NHS at no cost when they are in the UK. Therefore, always ensure to travel with your S1 form when visiting the UK. 

When travelling to any EU country if you need any urgent medical treatment in an emergency and do not have your EHIC or GHIC, you can apply for a PRC (Provisional Replacement Certificate) that offers the same healthcare services as an EHIC. However, the PRC can only be applied when medical care is needed and cannot be obtained before the trip. If you are not able to apply for a PRC on your own anyone else can do so on your behalf. 

All those that any their EHICs issued by the EU are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement

This also is the case for all those that were residents in their host nation before January 01, 2021, and have been issued an EHIC by the healthcare department in their host nation. This applies to those that are working in their host nation, are part of the public healthcare system on a voluntary or contributing basis or receive a pension from the host nation. 

Any EHIC issued by the EU will remain valid for use in the UK and other EU nations with no changes to come in the foreseeable future.


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