How to Send Your Name to Mars 2022 (Oct) Read To Understand More!-> Wish to register your company name to mars? Learn the best way to book your ticket to Mars and be famous.

How you can Send Your Company Name to Mars 2022? While you would most likely know, NASA’s Mars mission is supported with a small Send Your Company Name to Mars campaign.

NASA enables individuals from the Uk, Ireland, U . s . States, Canada, Australia along with other global countries to join up and get the opportunity to consider their names to Mars using the next Mars mission’s rover.

Presently, Perseverance carries almost ten million names of individuals on Mars. The rover arrived securely on Mars on 18 Feb 2022 and it was a proud moment for those.

Perseverance transporting ten million names:

You’d like to learn How you can Send Your Company Name to Mars 2022 and find out about the same for 2020.

The Mars 2020 mission that NASA launched in This summer 2020 is effectively happening in 2021. Mars mission includes the rover Perseverance along with a small automatic helicopter named Resourcefulness. Perseverance is 10 ft lengthy, 9 ft wide and seven ft tall.

The registrations for that Mars 2020 mission were closed in September 2019. The Administration received ten million names globally to automatically get to mars. The rover is delivering high-quality pictures with elevated clearness.

How would be the names sent?

To understand how to Send Your Company Name to Mars 2022, it’s also wise to understand how your company name is distributed to Mars.

The Ten million names are transported by Perseverance on three micro-chips. At Jet Propulsion Lab, the engineers stencilled all of the words using electron beams to the chips. The writing is under 1 micron, much under just one real hair strand’s width. The chips are of how big a finger nail.

And aside from this, Perseverance carries 155 essays from the finalists from the essay contest entitled ‘Name the Rover’ and conducted by NASA.

How you can Send Your Company Name to Mars 2022?

Even though you have forfeit your chance to transmit your company name to Mars with Perseverance, you needn’t worry. NASA has opened up the registration for ‘Send Your Company Name to Mars’ for future Mars missions.

All you need to do is visit NASA’s original website and enter the information you have, as well as your complete name, country name, postal code, and current email address (optional). What they are called are recognized globally, so that you can you can register. When you register yourself effectively, the business will instantly stencil your company name on its next mission.


Everybody thought it was amusing and exciting to understand their names are presently on another planet although the writing is under 1 micron. Participants demonstrated business boarding passes on social networking platforms.

One participant pointed out that everyone chuckled when she accustomed to state that she’s booked her ticket to Mars, and today she’s asking to guess who had been wrong. One couple pointed out that they’re presently miles away on the planet but pleased to know they’re together on Mars.

Final Verdict:

You’ve now learned How you can Send Your Company Name to Mars 2022 what else are you currently awaiting? Go right to the web site and register yourself.

Isn’t this considered delivering your company name to Mars exciting? Have you sign up for Mars Mission 2020? Comment lower below.


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