Furniture can be quite expensive, and it is never a good idea to just move it without securing it first. Professional movers know how to wrap and safely transport furniture but if you’re moving on your own, here are some things to do:

Use Tarps To Secure Your Valuable Furniture

Use a tarp to cover your valuable furniture pieces, making sure that nothing gets scratched. You can find tarps for sale online and even at shops near you for just a few dollars. The best thing about tarps is that you can reuse them.

You will need to find the right tarp, as different tarps have different properties, including size, durability, and how well it protects your furniture. You can choose the right one based on your furniture’s size and whether you want it covered completely. Ensure that your tarp has enough capacity to wrap around all of your furniture pieces and provide ample cushioning and protection.

Take Your Time As You Wrap Your Furniture

Avoid trying to wrap up your furniture pieces in a rush. Take your time and make sure that everything is wrapped up securely and well. Improperly wrapping up furniture can cause it to crack or break down and also make it harder for you to move. Here are some tips on properly wrapping your furniture;

i) Place items individually and snugly inside the tarp. For example, put a cushion on the floor before wrapping a sofa.

ii) Make sure to wrap each of your furniture pieces one by one, starting with the corner of the couch.

iii) Make sure that each layer has an equal amount of cushioning and protection.

Dismantle Your Furniture Before Moving

To avoid damaging your furniture, you should dismantle it carefully before moving. You can always wrap them up individually for small tables, chairs, and other small items. You can then put them back into the box to move or simply use a box of some kind to store all of your smaller furniture items. If you own larger pieces of furniture, such as dining tables, you should probably dismantle all of them first before moving them. When dismantling, make sure ;

i) You use a manual to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly.

ii) Make sure to put aside important screws and parts. You’ll need them later on when you want to put everything together.

iii) Store all the screws and parts in a small plastic bag so you won’t lose them.

iv) Label each furniture piece if it has multiple pieces so that you can easily put them back into place once you arrive at your destination.

v) Make sure that everything is well padded and wrapped as a precautionary measure after dismantling your furniture pieces.

Bundle Up Your Furniture

Some furniture pieces can be damaged or broken if you’re not careful with handling them and moving them. To minimize your chances of having any issues with your valuable furniture, you should consider bundling up every piece of furniture in your home. What is a bundle? It’s simply a group of items put together, such as when you put clothes into a drawer. It can also be made of extra blankets, pillows, and quilts that you can use to proffer comfort while moving away from home. Here are some tips;

i) Wrap up everything breakable or heavy enough to cause harm on the ride, such as in a box or crate.

ii) Don’t forget about the furniture pieces that are too tall or wide that are going to make it hard for you.

iii) Don’t forget about the smaller items that can be used to secure everything else.

iv) Make sure to clearly label each piece as you put it into a container.

v) Make sure that all of your furniture pieces are wrapped in a way where that they won’t break during the ride.

Get Help

Moving furniture can be a bit tricky, and if you don’t have the right tools, it can cause more harm than good. If you’re moving alone or with a small group, it’s best that you get help from someone else who knows about moving and how to properly move your furniture. It helps to have a buddy who can help you move as well as protect your furniture from getting damaged, scratched, or broken during the ride. If you’re moving with a professional mover company, they’ll know how to handle everything, including your valuable furniture pieces.

Hire A Moving Company

If you’re moving your furniture alone, you might have to move it with the tools you already have in your home. Doing this can be hard and dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to use those tools properly. You should consider hiring professionals for the job, as it’s better if someone else does it for you. Professional movers will know where to put everything on your items so that they don’t get damaged during the ride. They will also take care of wrapping them properly and giving them ample cushioning and protection from scratches, cracks, or breakages. There are a lot of mover companies that offer bulk discounts so that you can save money while still getting quality services.

Don’t Overload

Avoid letting other items in your home get in the way of the furniture pieces that are being moved out. It’s best to move the furniture on its own and not use another item as a substitute. Moving everything separately will also give you a better chance of protecting each of them from getting damaged or broken. Additionally, you can use each of these items individually so that it will be easier for you to secure moving them around your home during the move.

Check The Weather Conditions

Nothing like moving furniture in the middle of winter or on a rainy or sunny day. If you’re planning on moving during any of these conditions, it’s best to either delay it or choose another day when the weather will be a bit better for you to move your furniture pieces easily. Rain, for example, can do serious damage to your furniture items.

Get The Right Equipment

Don’t forget to get the right equipment, tools, and supplies for moving your furniture. For example, you would need a roller to help you move everything around on your items. You can hire the equipment for a small fee or buy the equipment needed for moving furniture if you’re moving on your own. The choice is yours.

Clean The Furniture

Before moving your furniture, you should ensure that it is free of grime, dirt, and dust. It’s a good idea to hire cleaning professionals for this job since they have the right equipment to do so. If you have some furniture items that are still wet from cleaning or painting, wait until they’re dry before moving them. It’s best that they’re free of any liquid or other stuff before moving them around.

Inspect The Furniture

It’s a good idea to check each item in your home for any damage or cracks before starting the move-out process. Therefore, you should give each furniture piece a thorough inspection to make sure that it doesn’t have any damage or cracks. You should also ensure that your products are in good working condition before moving them out of your home. If a drawer is stuck, you should fix it before you move the entire thing.

Get Rid of The Unnecessary Furniture

If you have some furniture you’re getting rid of; it’s best to get rid of them before you start the move. Hauling around unnecessary furniture pieces can do a lot of damage to your ride as well as your other furniture. If possible, hire someone else to take care of this job for you.

Use Bubblewrap

A lot of furniture can be damaged by not having the right amount of cushioning on them. To prevent this from happening, it’s best that they’re layered and wrapped up with bubble wrap. This will comfort them and protect them from getting damaged during the move. What is bubble wrap? It’s a way to give cushioning and protection to your items so that they don’t get damaged during the ride. The more bubbles you have on your furniture, the better they’ll be protected while being moved around your home.

Proper Taping

When wrapping your furniture with tape, use an excessive amount so that you can give them the protection and cushioning they need. You should also ensure that the tape you use is durable enough to withstand the move. Remember, if you’re moving out of town, the furniture needs to be secured for all those hours.

In conclusion, it’s vital that you know how to properly move your furniture so that it doesn’t get damaged or broken during the process. Therefore, it’s vital that you assess each furniture piece so that you can best protect and cushion them during the ride. If you do it with the right tools and materials, moving your furniture will be easier as well as cheaper. Get the right tools, supplies, and equipment so that you can avoid damaging your valuable furniture items.


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