Is it possible to combine or split PDF files for free? As you know, merging and splitting of PDF files is very beneficial as it increases productivity and aids in organizing the documents. People from different fields use PDF tools to create or send files to another person. Everyone has various reasons to split or merge PDF files. If you are working on a project with a huge number of team members, all team members do their own task and create reports, and summaries in PDF files, then as a project manager you have to merge all the documents before sending them to the client. 

Moreover, if you have to send many forms to be filled, you can make a PDF, merge all forms in one file and send them all together instead of sending them separately. 

In a few cases, people need to split PDF files because sometimes we just need to send a few pages of PDF files which are important and cut all useless pages from the PDF file. In this case, only splitting PDF pages is needed. But the question is, how can we split or merge PDF pages? By using an advanced iTop PDF manager, you can either split or combine PDF pages. 

iTop PDF 

iTop PDF is one of the more reliable and powerful PDF editors that can help to do advanced-level editing. With iTop PDF, you can quickly edit and update your already created PDF. You can easily make changes to any content. 

Moreover, you can convert the images to PDF files, MS office documents like word, excel, and PPT in high quality. If you are looking for the best tool for splitting and merging PDF pages, You can merge many PDFs to form a single PDF with iTOP PDF. 

Additionally, you can rearrange, add or extract the pages too. You can split one PDF into many PDFs too. You can also delete some pages from original documents if you think that page is useless. 

Moreover, with the help of  PDF editor, you can convert MS formats to PDF without any difficulty.

iTop PDF  feature

ITop PDF has many unique features.

  • You can edit text, images, and links
  • You can draw and highlight anything you want
  • You can delete any object
  • It can convert the PDF into any other format
  • It can merge or split the PDF
  • It can compress the size of a PDF
  • It can protect PDF documents
  • It works Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11

How can iTop PDF Editor split or merge PDF files for free? 

As you know, iTop is easy-to-use software, and it does not matter if you are a pro editor or not.

Here are a few easy-to-do steps to help you split or merge your PDF file.

  • The first step is to get iTop PDF from the official website of iTop, so visit the website, click on the products option 
  • Here you will see different iTop products, click on iTop PDF and download it 
  • after the downloading, go to your PC, tap on my computer, click on download folder, here click on iTop file to install it
  • the installation process will take 2 or 3 minutes with good internet speed 
  • Now go to the desktop, and open your iTop PDF and here you will see different options; tap on more option
  • Now choose the PDF file which you want to split or merge
  • for splitting pages, click on the split PDF option, choose the number of the page which you want to split
  • for merging or combination, click on a combined PDF file with any file
  • save all these files in any format.


iTop PDF is an amazing free tool with an easy interface. If you have a PDF file but want to send only some pages of this pdf, then you can split this PDF and send the only pages you like with iTop PDF. Additionally, you can combine different PDF files easily with iTop PDF. 


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