High-rise Invasion Anime Review February Excited For Anime! >> The write-up lets teenagers know of the story and it is reviews before they begin watching it.

Are you currently waiting to look at High-rise Invasion Anime on Netflix? If so, feel the happy to check High-rise Invasion Anime Review.

The children from the U . s . States are wanting to learn more relating to this new Netflix Anime. It’s released on Feb 25, 2021. Teenagers will like the brand new adventure of Yuri Honjou. This latest release includes 12 episodes.

What are you aware about High-rise Invasion Anime?

In Japan, one of the top manga series, High-rise Invasion is well-liked by teenagers. It falls under action, mystery, and horror genres. Extremely popular Tsuina Miura scripted the storyline, and Takahiro Oba made the illustration. The comic enthusiasts can get the series in 12 episodes.

What’s the storyline?

As are all aware, the primary character of High-rise Invasion is Yuri Honjou, a 16-year girl. Our Prime Rise Invasion Anime Review mentions how she will get scared perceiving a cracked mind assertive. She finds herself held in a forgotten building.

Yuri Honjou starts shaking in fear and located every door got locked. She searches for the way to flee and reaches the top. Regrettably, she finds herself among high-increases without any aspire to escape.

She’s 3 options, with the idea to get rid of the masked murderers in order to get wiped out by them.

Who’re within the voice-over team?

The voice-over group of High-rise Invasion includes

Haruka Shiraishi performs as Yuri Honjo

Shiki Aoki provides the voices for Mayuko Nise

Akira Sekine performs as Kuon Shinzaki

High-rise Invasion Anime Review mentions that Junya Enoki gives voices for that character Rika Honjo.

What are you aware concerning the production?

The Netflix Anime Festival locked in October 2020 first announced the internet streaming of High-rise Invasion. The teaser from the series got released. They pointed out the world discharge of this popular anime in Feb 2021.

The children may also view this animated series around the official website. Teenagers can view this series in 2 versions around the official website

Human Version

Mask Version

Who’re the producers of High-rise Invasion?

The producers of the popular animated series are Kodansha and Netflix. The expected runtime is 25 to 27 minutes.

Exactly what does High-rise Invasion Anime Review reveal?

The storyline of High-rise Invasion expresses what humans is going to do to make sure their safety and survival. Teenagers from the U . s . States must visit the reviews of the series.

We’ve checked the internet reviews where we’ve got many of them are pleased with this series. Some viewers love the strong start of story and also the entire adventure.

However, some point out that they expected a more dark atmosphere within the anime. Pretty much, we discover most are pleased with the series.


The teenagers will like the tale from the High-rise Invasion. They are able to research for additional reviews before they provide a wrist watch into it.

Are you finding High-rise Invasion Anime Review acceptable? Have you ever already viewed it? Please share your views within the box pointed out below.


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