This information will follow-up around the Guilherme Suicide situation and people’s opinions and tales.

How disheartening could it be to get rid of someone brilliant and outstanding? How close can an individual arrived at their set goals, and future decides to choose the individual from the situation? This news of these an accidents is circulating in Canada, the U . s . States, and also the Uk.

Students committed suicide a week ago because of harsh questioning and bullying around the academic panel while presenting his thesis. People are trying to find Guilherme Suicide to search hard in to the situation.

Why Did He Commited Suicide?

Based on a current tweet with a professor from the Federal College of Lavras, an undergraduate student committed suicide because he couldn’t bear the humiliation through the panel of professors which were taking his thesis questions. Because of the university’s prestige and potential debate, just the student’s name could be fetched, and then any source has shared not one other private information till now.

It’s been per week, and there is a rage among students who’re retweeting this tweet and wish action from the panel. After Guilherme Student Suicide, many ex-students have shared exactly the same incident they familiar with their college days and requested to assist their guys if they’re within their duration of need.

Many data from various universities revealed such occurrences are common, and teachers have to be more polite and generous for their students as learning shouldn’t be traumatic for college students. Because of the extreme bullying, all students don’t complain or report such occurrences towards the greater authority or family because they are embarrassed with their failures. Such suppression causes suicide and depression among students.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis-

Regrettably, because of the university’s internal online privacy policies, one cannot fetch more details concerning the student. Still, other students came toward share their heartwarming tales. One ex-student, Jess, told on Twitter by reposting this tweet that they has additionally gone through exactly the same humiliating situation. Still, she’s grateful for that panellist she got at her time, they do not permit her to come out alone.

She pointed out that she’s a psychology student which her learning process performed a huge role for the reason that situation. She added that they imagined her dogs and fogeys sobbing and alone after she committed suicide.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis Defense-

In defence from the thesis, students is grounded with a panel of teachers and professors. They be sure that the student does well and they haven’t copied, as it will likely be the main source later on. In cases like this, a student, namely Guilherme, has gone through exactly the same situation and, regrettably, cannot cope well. Tweet described the factor as ‘humiliating’, that is a very good phrase for that situation.

All of the professors and students supported this phrase by asking to prevent it within the system. That has also added guidelines to avoid suicides and self-harm among students as this is harmful for future years.


Guilherme Suicide is yet another eye-opener for the greater government bodies giving much capacity to the panels that land students in troubling situations. There must be guidelines that should be adopted by students and professors such situations to prevent any type of breach.

Please be aware every detail are obtained from internet sources. What exactly are your views regarding today’s education system? Please comment below.


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