Feb 7 2008 Cartoon Network August Learn More Here! >> This information is in line with the unfortunate incident which results in the broadcast of inappropriate content on the kid’s funnel.

Are you currently a parent or gaurdian getting a child who watches a kid’s funnel? Have you ever heard concerning the glitches that may happen to the very popular funnel for children? Then you’ll want been aware of a regrettable incident that happened on Feb 7 2008 Cartoon Network.

Parents in the U . s . States are wanting to appreciate this major problem that may modify the kid’s personalities uncovered to such inappropriate content because of the broadcaster’s technical glitch. Learn more about this incident.

About Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network, popularly known through the abbreviation CN, is really a kid’s funnel that gives entertainment and academic content that’s fit to look out for an individual below 18 years of age.

The founding father of CN is Gloria Cohen, which funnel mainly concentrates on releasing animated tv show for kids, including animation, action, educational and comical content.

Feb 7 2008 Cartoon Network

About this date, a regrettable incident happened towards the Comcast subscribers from Nashville in Tennessee.

Rather of broadcasting cartoon content, because of some technical glitches, Comcast telecasted offensive videos.

The majority of the audience of the funnel are kids and teenagers, and also the content was inappropriate on their behalf.

The majority of the audience was below 18 years of age, causeing this to be incident a significant someone to investigate.

Following the incident and understanding its significance, Comcast V . P . formally apologized for that technical error.

Much more about Comcast:

Comcast is really a effective US-based telecommunications company. Find out more to understand about Feb 7 2008 Cartoon Network.

It’s the largest provider of cable television services in the united states.

Comcast may be the second-largest revenue-generating company on the planet after AT&T.

It’s a family-run business.

It’s headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

 Similar Broadcasting Occurrences:

Another similar technical issue happened with Comcast on 2009, Feb 1, throughout the Super Bowl tournament.

Comcast was broadcasting using the affiliate from the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) throughout the incident.

For 25 seconds, offensive videos were telecasted promoting an inappropriate funnel, viewed through the funnel viewers from Tucson.

This incident may be the second incident after Feb 7 2008 Cartoon Network, which results in the broadcasting of highly inappropriate and offensive content this too, with no warnings, designed a serious outrage one of the public.

Thinking about the most significance of the issue, the FBI began investigating the incident seriously.

The organization announced $10 for that viewers who have been watching the funnel in this unfortunate incident.

Frank Tanori Gonzalez required responsibility for releasing the offensive content, and that he was handed a problem of $1000. Additionally, he was purchased for 3 years’ probation for that crime he’s committed.


The majority of the children aged seven to 14 are regular viewers of Feb 7 2008 Cartoon Network. Many bad occurrences that led to the broadcast of offensive content happened previously. So, parents will need to take appropriate safeguards about these serious issues. For additional info on this subject, click here.


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