We’ve discussed the additional Special Trade Pokemon Go and it is extended dates for Pokemon Go players within this publish.

Are you currently excited for that 2021 Pokemon GO Fest? Do you want to know of the Special Trade throughout the fest? If that’s the case, stay with us.

For that Winter Holiday Event and December Community Day, Niantic has elevated trade bonuses with special trade, and players worldwide, mainly in the U . s . States, need to know more. So, we’ll discuss Special Trade Pokemon Go.

About 2021 Winter Holiday Event

Winter Holiday Event is really a holiday event that can take place every year during christmas in Pokemon GO. 2010 2021 Winter Holiday Event includes a Mega Abomasnow Clubpenguin boost, Festive Jacket, Festive Hat, and Festive Shorts, in addition to a number of winter-themed avatars accessories.

Pokémon GO Holidays 2021 last from Thursday 16th December 2021 to Friday, 31st December 2021, and also the Winter Holiday Event is split up into a double edged sword. There’s additionally a new Postcard Book feature introduced throughout the event.

Let’s talk of the 2021 December Community Day event before finding more about Special Trade Pokemon Go.

About December Community Day

The huge December Community Day will occur in December 2021 in Pokemon Go, and it’ll function as the finest opportunity for fresh players to compensate for lost occasions from the year before. The big event includes every Community Day Pokémon from 2021.

In line with the day, all the Pokémon in the Community Days 2021 is going to be spawned in large figures. Users should make use of the numerous benefits available throughout the Community Day event within their local time every day. Also, Although the December Community Day 2021 event can last a couple of days, yet another date for many bonuses has announced.

About Special Trade Pokemon Go

Niantic Support announced lately that the timeframe allowing distance buying and selling could be extended, trade charges could be cut, in addition to yet another good special trade every day could be offered during christmas.

As reported by the tweet, the trade bonuses is going to be extended for that Winter Holiday Event and also the December Community Day. Additionally they tweeted they extended the wintertime Wonderland Bonus from the trade distance of 40 km for 3 more days from 24th December 2021 to 27th December 2021.

A comment from Niantic Support also mentions the December Community Day bonus includes one Special Trade Pokemon Go along with a decrease in 25% in Stardust trade price is extended for 3 more days, from 17th December to 20th December.

Lately, there’s been a significant concern on social networking. Several trainers contemplate it a unique option to limit distance trade towards the 25th & 26th of December alone when lots of people could be occupied with relatives, buddies, and dear ones. We’re glad that additional dates are announced to ensure that more gamers will make use of the bonuses.


Grab your special trade, which is only accessible till 20th December. Also, attempt to gain another bonuses. Visit Niantic Twitter profile to understand more.

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