We provide you with an entire overview of e-commerce websites getting faction and accessories. Please find out about Is Exact Luxury Website Legit within this write-up.

Are you currently searching to purchase clothes and accessories online within the U . s . States? Are you currently also searching to purchase health and beauty products online? Do you’d rather purchase products from one website for much better tracking and convenience? But, before shopping, do you want to make certain concerning the website’s authenticity to avert being scammed?

We bring all of the details to check on Is Exact Luxury Website Legit within the article below.

The authenticity of Exactluxury.com:

Development of Domain: 21st August 2020 at 00:52:41 Hrs.

Website Age: the web site was produced twelve months, three several weeks and twenty-5 days back.

Website Expiry: 21st August 2022 at 00:52:41 Hrs. Short existence expectancy.

Trustworthiness: the trust rank of Exactluxury.com is 35%, which is regarded as bad.

Country of origin: The nation of origin for Exactluxury.com is Iceland.

Social relations: Exactluxury.com isn’t present on social networking.

Hr person: not given.

Owner’s contact: not given.

Please be aware that Cryptocurrency services were detected on Exactluxury.com in Exact Luxury Website Reviews. Exactluxury.com may carry anonymous financial transactions as detected by reviewing websites. Several links blacklisted on the internet put together on Exactluxury.com.

Brief of Exactluxury.com:

Exactluxury.com is definitely an e-commerce website focused on fashion products and accessories. It offers to provide the latest products from branded establishments. Exactluxury.com showcases a large number of products from greater than 425 groups by greater than 81 brands.

The majority of the products are based on fashion, accessories, health, and sweetness. However, in the first consider the website policies, we discover the submissions are copied from various websites. It raises an issue of their authenticity.

Features to check on Is Exact Luxury Website Legit:

Order products at: https://Exactluxury.com.

Cost range: beginning from $35 to $400,000.

Contact information: not given.

Address: 360 North West 27th St, Miami, FL-33127.

E-mail address: hello@Exactluxury.com.

Social networking links: not given.

Owner’s details: Exactluxury.com owner’s details are hidden using internet censorship.

Conditions useful: Pointed out but plagiarized. Users should be above age 18 years (or) a young child above 13 years may use the web site under parents’ guidance.

Online privacy policy: Pointed out but plagiarized. It shows the way your private information can be used. However, the information relates to shopify.com. It’s thought to decide Is Exact Luxury Website Legit.

Shipping: Exactluxury.com includes a processing duration of one or two days.

Delivery Policy: The delivery timeline isn’t provided on Exactluxury.com.

Tracking: Exactluxury.com will e-mail the tracking number when the order is dispatched.

Returns Policy: There’s a four weeks return window without any questions requested policy. However, you have to update customer support concerning the returns. Some products might not be eligible for a returns and rely on a situation-to-situation basis.

Refund Guarantee: The refund guarantee of Exactluxury.com isn’t pointed out online. The refund guarantee link redirects you to definitely the Refund policy page. It’s a negative highlight to examine Is Exact Luxury Website Legit.

Payment mode: in USD via VISA, MASTER CARD, PayPal and Western Union.

Pros of Exactluxury.com:

Branded goods are on Exactluxury.com,

Vast number of products to select from,

Assortment of the most recent faction and accessories in one place.

Cons of Exactluxury.com:

Poor web site design of Exactluxury.com,

No search and filter criteria present on Exactluxury.com,

The location provided shows a garage around the maps,

A 70% discount is marketed but, no discounts were offered on the majority of the products,

Insufficient info on policies, terms delivery timeline, shipping charges and taxes on Exactluxury.com.

Customers Exact Luxury Website Reviews:

There aren’t any customer ratings and reviews available online for Exactluxury.com. On the couple of reviewing sites, Exactluxury.com is recognized as a potentially legitimate site. There aren’t any reviews found for Exactluxury.com online.

Exactluxury.com comments are not present on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Etc. Exactluxury.com doesn’t support customer blogs, customer comments (or) customer rating. It features a poor Alexa ranking of 643,557.

As a result of insufficient testimonials, negative feedback isn’t found for Exactluxury.com on the web. As Exactluxury.com authorizes PayPal transactions, we counsel you to see about PayPal Scams.


Exactluxury.com isn’t a legitimate website, which response is Exact Luxury Website Legit as it features a bad trust index, there’s no customer rating (or) feedback available on the web. For this reason, it can’t be verified if customers have obtained the delivery of merchandise. Hence, we don’t recommend Exactluxury.com.


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