Edifier Hecate Gx07 Cost in India (November) Check Here! >> The guide shares the specs and prices from the recently launched advanced gaming headphone for global gamers.

Gamers know the value of gaming headphone because it plays a huge role in improving the gaming experience. So if you wish to add an adjunct for your gaming station, then with no second thought, purchase Edifier Hecate gx07 wireless earphones.

Edifier Hecate gx07 may be the recently launched wireless gaming headphone with lots of unique and advanced features. The wireless gaming headphone enables gaming in almost any atmosphere because of the active noise cancellation with low latency ANC.

But, what’s the Edifier Hecate gx07 Cost in India? The headphone can be obtained for Worldwide delivery, but we’re discussing the cost in India.

What’s Edifier Hecate gx07?

Edifier Hecate gx07 may be the all-new, advanced gaming wireless headphone made with sci-fi and amazing styles. The headphone is available in a situation getting double door style that resembles supercars.

The headphone sports double RGB lighting strips to optimize the general brightness level. Furthermore, the sunshine strips also provide the headphone reasonably limited look. Its patented game series inspires the e-sport style of the headset.

Due to such high-finish features, people think that Edifier Hecate gx07 Cost in India could be excessive. The headphone has attracted the world gaming community, and everybody really wants to know its specs and prices.

Do you know the Prime Popular features of Edifier Hecate gx07?

The headphone situation opens and splits into a double edged sword due to the dual door design that resembles a supercar.

The RGB lighting strip provides the headphone reasonably limited look, also it blinks when switched on.

Battery is lengthy-lasting because it can last for 26 hrs having a single charge in fundamental mode and 20hours when combined with ANC. Due to such premium features, the Edifier Hecate gx07 Cost in India is high than traditional gaming earphones.

The headphone uses advanced technology for active noise cancellation and enables gamers with an immersive gaming experience even just in a loud atmosphere.

The headset includes seven sonic modes that gamers may change as reported by the gaming atmosphere.

The headphone chooses the preferred sounding effects based on the gamer preferences.

The twin built-in MIC senses the exterior and internal noise and offers obvious and crisp seem effects towards the ears.

It uses the most recent Bluetooth V5. for connecting with gaming systems and devices.

What’s the Edifier Hecate gx07 Cost in India?

After evaluating, recommendations the Edifier Hecate gx07 wireless earbud can be obtained on multiple ecommerce websites. The cost from the headphone varies on several upon the portal you’re purchasing from.

The headphone’s actual cost is $79.99, with proper research, it’s possible to purchase it at $45.99 having a discount as high as 43%. Furthermore, a few of the ecommerce websites can sell wireless gaming earphones at RM449 following a discount of 35%. However, no Indian commerce web site is providing the headphone, and therefore customers have to purchase them from global ecommerce websites.


Edifier Hecate gx07 wireless headphone is here now to boost your gaming experience. When compared with other high-finish earphones, the Edifier Hecate gx07 Cost in India is extremely affordable. Furthermore, it arrives with many advanced designs featuring that justify the cost from the Wireless Headset.


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