This short article provides you with all the details associated with Dios Bone Aut, likelihood of setting it up, rarity, etc

Roblox gamers from Canada, the U . s . States, and also the Uk are searching out for that DIO character inside a Universal Time game. DIO is definitely an interesting character hanging around. But, are you currently one of the users who cannot get DIO since the AUT lately got remodelled? Would you like to be aware of purposes of DIOs bone? Would you like to understand how to understand it?

Below details will answer all of your questions associated with Dios Bone Aut.

What’s DIO?

DIO is really a character adapted from Jojo’s fantastic adventure series. DIO is really a violent and inert Vampire. It may heal itself from many damages within a few seconds. If you’re lucky to acquire a DIO’s bone, it can help you advance hanging around. DIO also resists great shape of damages.

DIO was among the first bosses inside a Universal Time. DIOs are thought appropriate for fighting opponents and are generally utilized in farming. To purchase a DIO can cost you enough virtual money. But, when you obtain Dios Bone Aut, you are able to level up to market it for enough money.

The DIOs bone will glow having a blue outline.

DIOs bones only have a 16 percent possibility of falling in the sky.

To obtain DIOs bone, you are able to fight a DIO born species, which has a tendency to come in AUT in an interval of half an hour.

But, each time, you might not be lucky because there are only one inch ten chances that DIO born species will drop a bone after it’s defeated.

How you can acquire Dios Bone Aut:

Once you have a DIO, you’ll be on the mission to locate a Jotaro disk.

Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to change a white-colored snake right into a ocean moon.

When you create a ocean moon, you have to achieve its gravitational shift, which is in the finish from the station.

When you achieve the station, you’ll be near a mountain.

Around the hill, you have to find Diona’s bone. It’ll get put into your list.

With the aid of Diona’s bone, you’re going to get the opportunity to achieve paradise.

When you are a Dios Bone Aut, will:

Transform a white-colored snake right into a ocean moon

Meet Rock Humans, Vampires, etc.

Capability to upgrade towards the tenth level instantly.

Reset species

For practising better farming

For fighting opponents

By acquiring a dual worth pass, you are able to boost the worthiness of DIOs bone to 10 percent. However, with no pass, DIOs bone is worth five percent only. The rarity of DIOs bone is considered as insane. It’s mostly worked in Morioh map.


It’s not worth expending time playing to acquire Dios Bone Aut alone. It established fact that Diona’s bones are utilized to help you stay balanced hanging around. Along with the rework and remodelling of AUT, you will find new species, new abilities, new stands and much more things incorporated hanging around which are worth acquiring.

Have you play AUT ? Tell us regarding your knowledge about Dios Bone.


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