This write-up can help you discover the meaning and hints to obtain the correct wordle for 325, just like the Decko Wordle.

Are you currently a wordle solver? Are you currently solving all wordless properly? What if you’re wrongly identified as some word and solve your puzzle with a few similar word, however that have a different meaning or perhaps be meaningless!

Many Worldwide wordle puzzle players also are afflicted by exactly the same situation while solving wordle 325. Many players have filled the right answer because they continuously update their wordle vocabulary, and lots of are confused between your glitch that happened for wordle 325 with Decko Wordle. Scroll lower to obtain the correct answer for tenth May wordle.

Is Decko a proper answer for wordle 325, i.e., tenth May Wordle?

According to hints supplied by the wordle game, it is GECKO. This word mainly describes a very vocal lizard with adhesive pads around the ft. Our research also examined that lots of are searching in internet marketing like a latest version being updated through the wordle.

But, it’s not a brand new version. This is just a incorrectly spelled word for that tenth May wordle. And, players who aren’t updated using the wordle vocabulary get wrongly identified as these familiar words.

Exactly What Does Decko Mean?

We can’t state that Decko is really a meaningless word. It features a meaning. This word means “a glance”, “a look”, “view”, or “a look.” They are some different but similar meanings with this word.

Do you know the hints to obtain the correct solution for wordle 325?

Today’s word has 2 vowels.

Both vowels used will vary.

They ought to are available in second and last place.

No letter is repeated within the word.

The finish vowel letter is “O.”

Major clue: it’s other word employed for the wall lizard.

Hopefully, the above mentioned hints are useful for that wordle players to understand the correct answer for that tenth May wordle is GECKO and never the DECKO.

What glitch happened in 325 wordle in Decko Wordle?

Many players have filled the solution BUTCH, and also the wordle has proven which correct. But, this happened as a result of technical glitch, as reported by the company’s statement too. The organization also mentioned that they are revamping their wordle technology, and therefore this glitch may have happened.

This is of BUTCH is characteristics observed in males. But, hence as reported by the meaning and letter hints, this can’t be considered the best answer. The primary reason would be that the meaning is inappropriate, and also the last letter ought to be “O.” Hence, this is only as a result of glitch.

How can this be news trending?

Many players need to know, Exactly What Does Decko Mean! It is because they’re wrongly identified as the language like GECKO and DECKO. Both appear like rhyming words. However, if the players get obvious using the hints, they are able to easily guess the right answer for wordle 325.


According to our research, we are able to state that many wordle puzzle players get wrongly identified as the same or even the rhyming words. This happened because these aren’t the most popular words, and gamers aren’t comfortable with the meanings.

Therefore, they find it hard to guess the right answer while playing the wordle puzzle game. Have you ever also got wrongly identified as GECKO and Decko Wordle? Please comment. Further click the link to understand much more about wordle 325 answer.


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