Bluetooth earbuds have transformed the way we listen to music. They are small, handy, stylish, and also relatively affordable. You can use these gadgets while working out, walking, or simply listening to your favorite music curled up on your sofa.

While these gadgets come with numerous merits, there are times when they stop working, leading to frustration on the part of the user. This article discusses a few of the most frequently encountered problems with wireless earbuds.

  • Unable to Pair Device:

Even top-notch Bluetooth earbuds sometimes fail to connect to the source device. Start troubleshooting by checking whether the headphones are compatible with your device. Check if the earphone supports iOS or Android devices. 

Also, check if the Bluetooth on your source device is turned on and in ‘discoverable’ mode. If not, switch to ‘discoverable’ mode so that your headphone can detect the presence of your mobile.

Bluetooth signals have a limited range. The connectivity issue might occur if the earbuds are placed out of the range of your smartphone. Try to bring the devices within three feet of each other and try to pair them again.

Your wireless earbud may have been paired with other devices, such as your TV, at some point. Now, when you switch on your TV, it might get automatically connected to your earphone, rendering it unable to connect to your smartphone. To resolve such an issue, unpair your earphones from all devices they have been connected to. Now switch it off and try to reconnect it to your smartphone.

  • Static Interference:

However sophisticated the gadget may be, it can be at the receiving end of some minor static interference from time to time. But if you are experiencing such disturbances very frequently or over prolonged periods of usage, then it might be a cause for concern.

Consider disconnecting your device for a minute and reconnecting them after that. Irrespective of the range of the Bluetooth device, bringing the earbuds closer to your cellphone often improves the sound quality.

  • Audio Not Playing on Your Earphones:

Most of you have faced this issue at least once over the years. Try a few tricks before you start to panic. 

Check to ascertain whether the audio source is powered on. Also, check whether the earbuds are adequately charged. Try disconnecting the headphones and reconnecting them after a few minutes.

Sometimes it is seen that audio output is received in only one ear. To solve this, try turning off the earbuds and reconnecting them after turning them on.

  • Unable to Hear Sound on a Particular App:

It is important to understand that not all audio problems can be attributed to your earphone. If you cannot hear any audio in one particular app but can do so for all other apps on your phone, then it is likely that the problem lies with the app and not in your earbuds. Quitting the said app and reopening it may fix the issue.

If any of the tricks mentioned above do not work, try to update your Bluetooth earphone’s firmware. This can easily be done using your smartphone. You can opt for Soundcore earphones that are relatively less prone to the said problems.


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