Within this publish, we’ve discussed the physicist Charles K. Kao’s existence and Charles K. Kao Google Scholar contribution.

Have you considered Charles K. Kao, who led to the evolution from the Internet? Do you want to learn more about his existence and contribution? If so, stay tuned for this publish.

On fourth November, Google Doodle honored Charles K. Kao, a physicist who led to the introduction of fiber optics that brought towards the evolution from the Worldwide Internet. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss Charles K. Kao Google Scholar.

Who’s Charles K. Kao?

Charles Kuen Kao would be a famous physicist and electrical engineer who fabricated the creation and employ of optical fiber for improved telecommunication systems. Charles K. Kao was initially from Hong Kong, China, and it is a citizen from the Usa and also the Uk.

Throughout the 1960s, Charles k. Kao labored on the introduction of numerous techniques to incorporate fine fibers of glass with laser to be able to beneficiate the transmission of digital data. His research laid the premise for that growth of the web. Before learning more about Mister Charles K. Kao Google Scholar contributions, let’s find out more about his personal existence and education.

About Charles K. Kao Existence & Education

Charles K. Kao was created on fourth November 1933 in Shanghai, China. Throughout his childhood years, Kao was trained Chinese classics with a home tutor and studied French and British in an worldwide school within the town of Shanghai.

Kao’s family now use Hong Kong and completed his senior high school there before relocating to England to review his undergraduates to review in electrical engineering in the College of Greenwich. Kao finished his Ph.D. working in london after which became a member of china College of Hong Kong.

About Charles K. Kao Google Scholar Contribution

Charles K. Kao is known as the daddy of optical fiber communication due to his discovery that grew to become the bottom of the data Age. Kao is considered for his findings on some physical qualities of glass throughout the 1960s, which laid the building blocks of high-speed communication of information within the Information Age.

Before Kao’s invention, glass fiber was considered as inappropriate because the conductor of knowledge because it brought to excessive lack of signal. Kao acquired that purifying glass and making thin fibers from it will assist you to carry immeasureable data more than a lengthy distance. Thus, resulting in high-speed internet.

Now that we understand Charles K. Kao Google Scholar contributions, let’s explore the notable awards and honors received through the great physicist.

About Charles K. Kao’s Awards and Honor

Charles K. Kao has gotten numerous awards in the career. We’ve listed his notable awards and honors in this list:

Nobel Prize in Physics in ’09.

Physician of Science (Honorary), Princeton College, the united states, in 2004.

Dark night Commander of the very most Excellent Order from the British Empire this year.


Charles K. Kao has got the most influential contribution towards the evolution from the Information Age, the world knows less about him and the works. Google fourth November doodle would be a tribute to him. Visit Charles K. Kao Wikipedia page to understand much more about him.

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