Bts Meal Cost In Delhi (August 2022) What’s The Cost? >> This short article discusses the recently introduced meal by favorite K-Pop brands and it is cost in the united states.

The Bangtan Boys has surely earned a location within the hearts of all of their fans. BTS is popular globally. Aside from their wonderful band, the South Korean pop is renowned for their BTS meal which has made its presence far away.

Here is a bit of great news for everybody in India. The BTS meal is in a position to make itself area of the country using their food chain company.

So, in the following paragraphs, we present an entire detail about Bts and Bts Meal Cost In Delhi. Thus, please read up until the finish.

What’s BTS?

Before we proceed ahead to understand at length about BTS, it might be wise to be aware what exactly is BTS.

The BTS can also be common as Bangtan Boys, that are a seven-member group of South Korean band. From the beginning this year to create its debut in 2013, this guitar rock band is continuing to grow famous globally.

The popular K-pop gang of boys is placed introducing their special meal collaborating and among the short-food giants, i.e., McDonald’s. We’d take a look at Bts Meal Cost In Delhi and explore another information within the further sections.

Exactly what does the Bts Meal include?

The BTS meal is a mix of materials which are in the personal favorite from the band. Additionally, additionally they range from the band’s favorite inspired using their popular recipes in the McDonald’s menu.

The special meal has folded out far away and it is set to create its entry in India. The special BTS McDonald’s menu will arrive towards the North and East of the nation on 01 August 2022, although it would arrive towards the south and west on 04 August 2022.

Bts Meal Cost In Delhi

The special BTS meal would come with 10 Chicken McNuggets, Cajun dipping sauces, medium-sized fries, coke and sweet chili. Your food costs Rs 300. Additionally, your food is susceptible to extra taxes too.

How will you order your food?

The special meal is going to be offered at McDonald’s outlets. Besides, you can find on their behalf through third-party apps like Zomato and Swiggy for home delivery with a lot more charges levied.

Additionally towards the meal includes the item for example hoodies, socks, sandals, and crimson bathrobes developed in the band’s favorite crimson color. So, hopefully you’ve got the data about Bts Meal Cost In Delhi.

Final Verdict

All individuals who’re great fans from the BTS bands possess the golden chance to taste their most favorite Bts Meal because it showed up towards the country on 01 August 2022. So, isn’t it time to obtain the taste of the favorite band’s special meal?

Need to know much more about the BTS band? Please make sure you browse the link here.

Maybe you have sampled the BTS meal before? How was your knowledge about your food? Please share your opinion about Bts Meal Cost In Delhi within the comments box below.


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