Oxnard is home to pristine, family-friendly beaches stretching across miles. These golden dunes beaches feature fine sands, electric nightlife, and lovely landscapes. People from across all countries visit these places for their fine weather and less crowded spots.

No trip to Oxnard is complete without paying a visit to its beaches. If you are planning your next family destination, a visit to Oxnard can be the most convenient and thrilling weekend getaway. In this article, we will help you identify some of Oxnard’s hidden gems to include in your family trip.

Best Beaches in Oxnard for a Perfect Family Weekend

A wonderful trip with your loved ones is a matchless experience. Walking on the sands of the sea bank can be a lovely moment to relish with your partner. But finding a family-friendly, relaxing, and uncrowded destination can be challenging. There is good news, Oxnard has got immense opportunities for you to plan your next family trip.

Luckily, it has many beaches that will settle your desire to explore hidden marvels. When you plan to visit visit Channel Islands Oxnard with your family, we can help you find some perfect go-to beaches. Below are some excellent island packers that should be on your must-visit list. You could enjoy the sand, sun, and epic waves or spend your time visiting the islands off the coast of California at this luxurious and serene destination.

1.Silver Strand Beach

Visit the southernmost beach in Oxnard, Silver Strand Beach, which is the local’s favorite. The place has a neighborhood of colorful stunning homes. It can be the best place to relish peaceful moments with your loved ones.

Though the beach is comfortable and captivating, it stands fairly uncrowded most part of the year. The reason is that the spot is a bit off track. It is located away from the highway and thus tends to be less populated with people and traffic.

You get easy access to all the amenities near the beach. There is free parking from sunrise to sunset. A vast parking area is reserved to avoid any hassle. People can bring their dogs on a leash along with the waste bags. To visit sandy areas, beach wheelchairs are also provided.

You can visit this beautiful beach at any time of the year for surfing, kayaking, and beachcombing. Sunbathing is most suitable in the summer, spring, and fall seasons. While if you simply want to go fishing, consider the period from spring through mid-fall.

2.Mandalay Beach

Mandalay beach, also called Oxnard State beach, is a promising place to visit with the family. You get to enjoy spectacular views of the Marine Sanctuary and Channel Island National Park. The place is well-studded with palm trees stretching across the area.

Its well-equipped playgrounds, grassy rolling hills, and winding pathways are matchless embellishments for the public. So if you are planning your family trip or a birthday party, Mandalay Beach can be your ideal place. Enjoy fishing, kayaking, sunbathing, and surfing in this pristine and scenic place.

This beach can serve if you are looking for a perfect kiddo place. Your children will love its pirate-theme playgrounds. Enjoy skating, running, jogging, and barbecue places at maximum ease with your family.

You must pay cash to park the car. Charges are reasonable at 1 dollar per hour and 5 dollars for an entire day. Remember, this private parking closes at dusk. This place can give you a pleasant experience throughout the year. However, the best time for some activities is during summer or spring, such as beach-going and sunbathing.

3.Hollywood Beach

If you need a break from hectic city life, Hollywood beach can be an ideal go-to place. It is a must-visit family beach in Oxnard. Enjoy a scenic landscape, sun rays, sand, and tides with your loved ones in the pristine environment of Hollywood beach.

The beach is named after the attraction it gets from Hollywood. A couple of Hollywood stars visit the place every year. Rudolph Valentino shot a movie here that directed people’s attraction toward this ideal holiday spot.

It has immense open spaces that are ideal for picnics and outdoor enjoyment. Visit the place with your family and set up an umbrella or tent near the shoreline. Build a wonderful sandcastle with your kids and enjoy the epic waves. If you want to create unforgettable memories with your family, look no further than Hollywood Beach for a trip.

While exploring the beach, do not forget to visit the wonderful Channels Island Harbor. Here are plenty of activities to see and enjoy, particularly fishing. The beach can also be a great source to introduce oceanic wildlife to your kids. Show them dolphins and sea lions that are commonly present on the beach.

4.Kiddie Beach Park

Planning a fun trip for your kids? There is no better place than Kiddie Beach Park to enjoy the best vacation ever. The place is next to Silver Strand Beach and lies near the Channel Islands Harbor. 

Enjoying a dip in the ocean becomes a big concern when you have little ones by your side. The Kiddie Beach Park resolves all your concerns as it is protected from large waves lapping across the shoreline. That is the reason this place gets top-notch preference for kids. So grab the hands of your little ones and let them dip their toes in the ocean.

Not just that, bring your dog too. The beach is friendly for your entire family and lets you enjoy it to the fullest extent. You have to place the dogs on a leash at all times. Further, the beach has several facilities to maximize the safety of your kids. So release your concerns and celebrate a beach day in Oxnard with the whole family.

There are plenty of restaurants in nearby areas that offer delicious takeout meals. A lifeguard is on duty all the time during the summer months. The free parking lot is for visitors. The park is matchless to make your beach day wonderful and worth remembering all year. However, some activities are fulfilling and more promising during spring, fall, and summer.

Parting Thoughts

Oxnard is well-known for its wonderful beaches stretched over miles. These are golden dunes beaches with pristine weather and scenic sunsets. Whether you want to plan a beach day with your family or a romantic sunset with your partner, Oxnard beaches are ideal places to consider.

These are less crowded places, fully equipped with amenities to boost families’ experience. You can bring your cute kiddos to the beach and let them have their first interaction with the ocean. Family gatherings, barbecue parties, and volleyball with office mates can be several means of making your weekends great at one of the wonderful beaches of Oxnard.


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