As soon as possible Rocky Shooting 2021 has shared news from the arrest of rapper Rakim within the November 2021 assault situation.

Are you currently keen on rap rapper Rakim Mayers and therefore are searching for any recent update around the star? If that’s the case, there’s not so good news for his fans in U . s . States because the star got arrested by local police on Wednesday.

Rakim Mayers, typically referred to as As soon as possible, is among the most effective rappers in the united states. According to some media reports, the star got detailed at La airport terminal while coming back from his holiday trip. Read As soon as possible Rocky Shooting 2021 up until the finish to understand much more about this story.

Rakim Mayers Arrest in La:

According to our research, As soon as possible was arrested while coming back from his holiday visit to Barbados. The La police department tweet mentioned that Rakim was arrestaed for participation within the assault situation on sixth November 2021 in Hollywood.

Based on a La police tweet around the nights the incident, the rapper had a disagreement having a known person. Inside a couple of minutes, the argument escalated, producing a minor scuffle and suspected firing of the hand gun around the victim. The victim endured a small injuries and searched for treatment.

LAPD on As soon as possible Rocky 2022:

Following the firing incident, the suspect and the two acquaintances fled in the place. Later, police identified among the suspects as 33-year-old Rakim Mayers, a homeowner of La. To help determine the suspect, police also stated the victim is really a famous music artist referred to as As soon as possible Rocky.

Law enforcement will show this situation in the la County Attorney’s office. There’s great news for that rapper’s fans because he was launched from child custody on the bond of $ 550,000. More development, within this situation, is anticipated by a number of news agencies.

As soon as possible Rocky Shooting 2021 along with other Cases:

Though As soon as possible is among the country’s top rappers, legalities have adopted him right from the start of his career. In the earlier days in the year 2006, the rapper was sent for any two-week jail term in Riker Islands for any drug peddling situation.

This Year, the rapper found themself involved with a brawl in downtown Manhattan by having an artist named iRome. Exactly the same year he was accused of attacking photographers who allegedly required an image of Rakim selling illegal drugs within an apparel store in New You are able to.

He seemed to be accused of a situation of assault in Norway on the person called Jafari in 2019. Based on As soon as possible Rocky 2022 internet findings, Rakim has past involving in drug dealing and native brawl.

Rapper Rakim and the Singer Girlfriend:

During the time of arrest in La, the rapper was supported by his singer girlfriend, Rihanna. The pair is expecting a young child shortly, based on Rihanna’s announcement in Feb 2022. You will find rumours of Rocky cheating on Rihanna by having an affair with designer Amina Muaddi.

Note – All details derive from the web findings.


The majority of the occurrences indicate that Rocky makes it a routine of having themself in danger. For now, the rapper is free of charge on bond in As soon as possible Rocky Shooting 2021 situation, but things will end up problematic when the star continues getting themself in danger.

Fans of As soon as possible Rocky can share their thoughts about the current incident from the rapper’s arrest within the comment section.


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