Have you got seniors inside your family-your lover, parents, or grandma and grandpa-who, despite their lack of mobility, assumes daily cleaning chores and keeps the home neat and comfy? Have you detected them getting trouble washing the floor, especially underneath the furniture, and struggling with sore legs and aching back afterward?

The continual squatting and bending once they clean is really a severe threat for their health.

Your muscle mass and bones of the body ‘degenerate’ because the endocrine and defense mechanisms ages, which in turn causes muscle tissue loss, decreased cartilage elasticity, and brittle bones. By six decades old, people lose 30% of muscle tissue that protects the joints and them stable. Wears between your joint surfaces, due to decreased cartilage elasticity, and brittle bones will both cause discomfort. Also it will get worse once the joints and muscles take more pressure. For the sake of seniors, it’s important to ensure that they’re from uncomfortable positions once they clean the home everyday.

That is why we advise Redkey F10 stick vacuum. Press one button and also the extension tube will use a pivoting arm that effortlessly slides underneath the furniture. Whenever you finish, you can just lift the vacuum to show the arm to a normal extension tube.

Since some seniors might have trouble seeing fine dust due to vision loss, Redkey F10 is outfitted with Brought lights around the brush mind along with a smart system that detects dust and instantly adjusts the suction accordingly (23,000pa at maximum).

On the top from the amazing features above, Redkey F10 includes a three-stage filtration for secondary polluting of the environment prevention, big wheels for much better maneuverability, along with a click-off dust cup cover easy waste disposal. Redkey F10 shows its choose to the seniors with each and every detail from the design.

If spot the elders inside your family vacuuming in awkward positions, you get sound advice now. Click this link to visit the state website.


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