My five-year-old threw a whole tantrum when I asked him to hand over the junk food because its bedtime. It has almost become his habit and when I act as an adult he complains about that as well. So on the next visit to his grandparents, he was all fascinated about the adults and adult life as no one can dare to stop them from eating junk food and they have nothing to worry about apparently. Yeh dream on kiddo because when you will reach that age the reality will hit you hard. Kids think adults are living some kind of worry-free life while on the other hand, we can’t even remember when we had a proper meal. 

Life is fast and everyone is looking for shortcuts. Yeh everyone including me. My eldest kid has started high school and the youngest is just starting and we the parents are in the middle of this age gap trying to fill in for both of them. So we are at the stage when we have to answer why adult life sucks and it is not a privilege to eat as many snacks as you want and at the same time have to deal with teen tantrums and mood swings. So in the end, all I needed was some magical power that will sort everything out for me. I was going insane covering for each of them and my mental health was taking the torn. 

Install Tracking App on Android Phone Remotely

All of my friends are tracking app users as they use the apps as parental control to keep an eye on the kids. Everyone is using a different one as they have their preferences and choices. My preference at first was simple and clear

  • I needed an app that offers services for all types of devices. I did not want to get a separate app for android, Mac and Windows
  • The app must have the option of the yearly bundle and that too with an economical deal as I can’t afford to waste time again and again on installation.
  • The app must offer remote relicensing offer as it makes things a lot easier for users. 
  • Last but not least I wanted a tool that must have an android spy app remote installation option at least. 

They give me a lot of options but none fit into my criteria. About looking to install remotely spy App for android thing I came to know an interesting fact.  I chose the TheOneSpy spy app as it fulfilled most of my needs but before going into the details of the app let me share an interesting fact for people who want remote installation of the cell phone spy app or monitoring software. 

Android Spy App Remote Installation:

Different types of malware are used for spying on the target for various purposes. Malware just like a virus can be installed on the target device remotely. Such malware can be detected by the system security and is termed as a threat to the system. Spyware like the TheOneSpy on the other hand is not harmful to the target system. It is not a threat hence one can legally use the app by following certain terms and conditions. 

The TheOneSpy app spy for android covers all the operating systems within the economical bundle deal. You don’t have to pay extra money for advanced features and the app offers a user-friendly interface. Hence anyone even if they have little knowledge about the smart tech and tools can handle the app easily. Besides the usage of the spy app as parental control, there are many other options like employee monitoring, elder and patient care and more. Users who need the app for a purpose other than parental control and employee monitoring must have written consent.
Apps like the TheOneSpy spyware are different because they can not be installed remotely. You need physical access to the target device for the installation of the app. When the app is installed all the monitoring can be handled remotely without any problem. So I had to compromise on this demand that the remotely install tracking app on android is a must. After I understand the difference I did the installation thing manually and then kept an eye on the kid remotely. 


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