What is it about pad locks that people put their trust on? Well, pad locks are something that people use to secure their homes or businesses and it is often found that they are more secure than many other methods.

It is also very often used for keeping fences under lock. It prevents thefts from happening. It is interesting to know that pad locks have been around for many centuries. It was actually invented during the Roman empire, so you can understand that it has a long history. The thing to understand is that there is not just one type of pad lock, but many types. Each of them is different have different uses and purposes.

Now let’s look at the different types of pad locks that are available.


This is the type that most people prefer. Alibaba has many products of this type available and you can easily buy in bulk there. This type is simple to use and quite cheap. It has a basic shape and is easy to operate. It has a lock and a key.

What you need to understand is that the conventional type can be broken easily with a hacksaw or another weapon if need be. Therefore, this does not offer a very high level of security.

Straight Locking

This is another type of pad lock that brings more security to the conventional variety. In this, the hook is straight and it is something that will ensure a longer lifespan than other kinds of locks. These are great for things you are worried about and which need more security like your containers, safes, and more.

The shape of this type is such that it cannot be easily hacked into or broken.

Padlock with a Passcode

There is no need for a key for this kind of padlock. All you require is a passcode. So instead of a key, you need to know the passcode to open this type of padlock. This is a good choice if security is on your mind because breaking a passcode is tough.

The problem with this type is that if you forget the passcode, it can be pretty problematic to open the lock.

With Chain

This is another type that is often used and it comes with a chain. It is differently shaped because it comes with a chain. This is a great choice for people who are looking for something for their barn doors, bicycles, house gates, and things like that.

Fingerprint Enabled

This is a modern type of padlock and it is a great option for people who demand a high level of security. This will open only if a certain person’s fingerprint is put on it. You have to understand though that this is a type of pad lock that will operate only with batteries. So you have to ensure that the batteries are always charged.

Pad locks are such a great option when you need a good lock and key option. If you are looking for a few for your home or business, make sure to buy from a quality seller so you get high-quality products. Secure your home and business in the right way with standard padlocks.


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