The below article is really a description from the correct solution for that latest Agate Wordle puzzle.

Would you like to be aware of concept of the term? If so, then you’re around the right page! Are you currently also searching for that correct answer announced through the official website?

Users worldwide are curious about playing the brand new challenge within the puzzle game that gives informative word sessions every single day. Using the new challenge, this is of Agate Wordle remains undisclosed. Read below you realize the specifications and details associated with the most recent Wordle.

Is Agate the right answer or otherwise?

For puzzle number 383 around the seventh of This summer 2022, a Wordle was handed in 24 challenge sections. Users who solved the quiz published Agate is the answer. The solution got disseminate on the web prior to the announcement of the particular word.

Certainly, it had been an incorrect answer that the users gave. The right answer wasn’t AGATE, rather was AGAPE. Readers can scroll lower to see the hints and Agate Definition.

Hints for that seventh This summer puzzle

The hints hanging around for puzzle number 383 are as pointed out below:-

It’s a five-letter word

It starts and ends with vowels

It’s available awed

The synonym for that word is awestruck

It represents the verb astonishing

Rules to experience online

You thinking about playing Wordle online have to keep certain rules and tips in your mind.

The solution to puzzle should be attempted within 6 attempts

Just the yellow and gray boxes have to be switched eco-friendly to solving

Browse the hints for that quick answer

Intending to know Is Agate a thing.

Finding a brand new word is definitely great when the meaning is well heard. Therefore the answer from the seventh of This summer Wordle also offers a meaning within their correct word.

AGATE – it’s another word employed for quarta movement stone. Like a fundamental ornamental stone, it’s a hard number of products for jewellery or healing any banded part of the body.

AGALE – it’s referred to as a fish bone in certain Greek and Roman dictionaries. Also, this means to slow lower as reported by the Oxford adverbs list.

However appropriate towards the hint session through the official puzzle game, agale was the chosen board like the hints and meaning.

Exactly why is Agate Wordle Trending?

Agate is really a trending word within the new puzzle dictionary. It matches the synonyms which were succumbed the hint session. Fortunately, released by Wordle, the solution was revealed towards the audience. The various groups got the term trending! However, not every had exactly the same answer some also recommended another word, grape, is the answer.


To conclude, we are able to observe that Wordle is really a famous puzzle. The solutions for day-to-day challenges result in the users curious to understand the right version.

Certainly, this spoiler from the solutions by Twitter makes learning on the internet fun. May be the article on Agate Wordle useful? Comment the way to go below!


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