This short article essentially enlists all of the relevant information associated with A Universal Time Dio Bone item.

Are you currently a large fan of “A Universal Time” around the Roblox platform? Looking on how to avail and employ awesome additional features and products hanging around like Dio Bone? In case your response is yes, then you’ve come right place today, we’ll talk about every detail in regards to a Universal Time Dio Bone to be able to help make your gaming experience much more wonderful!

Players from countries like South america and also the U . s . States will always be searching to boost their game play through unique products so let’s dive into every detail.

What’s “A Universal Time”?

Before speaking concerning the Dio Bone, let’s comprehend the game play of the Universal Time, typically referred to as AUT. A Universal Time, produced and of the World Time Studio, is really a universal Roblox JoJo game launched around 2018. It’s a journey gaming according to JoJo’s bizarre adventure manga series and lots of other manga series and fandoms. You are able to fight other players and farm for products just like a Universal Time Dio Bone. Farmville is really a buying and selling and grinding simulator plus a PVP simulator.

What’s Dio Bone?

Dio Bone is definitely an item employed for super shadow, and you may make Sans with the aid of this item. This item looks as being a normal-searching bone but includes a blue highlighted aura surrounding it. It shows resemblance for an attack which is used by Sans in the Undertale Boss Fight. The Dio Bone is definitely an S-tier item, however it can’t be traded for Dying Note because Dying Note is definitely an S/S Tier item, whereas Dio Bone is within S-tier.

Much more about A Universal Time Dio Bone:

Spawn Rate:

The Spawn Rate from the Dio Bone is extremely rare as it features a 1 from 375 possibility of spawning this too every ten minutes.


If you use Dio Bone with Supershadow, you are able to produce Sans with the aid of it.

More in depth information:

Once the Dio Bone is spawned, you are able to play Megalovania from Undertale.

Initially, the bone didn’t possess a blue outline, but later it got remodeled to possess a blue highlighted light around it to really make it look more appealing.

Dio Bone comes from the Undertale.

Tips to get a Universal Time Dio Bone:

There’s two ways you can the Dio Bone:

You are able to find it in the forest

You can purchase it in the look for 1,50,000 coins.


You want to conclude our article by stating that the Dio Bone is an extremely rare and useful item within the AUT game, and you may gain so much from it. You are able to avail this within the ways we pointed out above making Sans, a significant character within the Undertale. You may also get stands such as the XChara Stand and World Stand while using A Universal Time Dio Bone.


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